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What Happened to Twitch Streamer MissQGemini?

MissQGemini is also known as Haley Germaine is hard to find on the internet right now. What happened to her? She has entirely disappeared from the limelight but it seems like she didn’t entirely give up on social media. According to MissQGemini steam community, she is somewhere in the Twitch picture.

Among many reasons, Twitch streamer was banned because of the sexual content. Remember the streamer did an ASMR Yoga stream where she stimulated the sound of having your ear licked using something like a microphone. She was also accused of cheating in the game which led her to be VAC banned.

All Twitch fans like to match watch the master gamers in action or to keep up with all the fantastic gamers such as the MissQGemini. This streamer was incredibly popular at one point but all the fame evaporated with the scandal. She was accused of cheating in a video game which is among the worst things that someone can say about you on Twitch. She defended herself but her fans were convinced that there was some truth in that.

What Happened to MissQGemini?

Cheating is one of the biggest scandals in Twitch. Although most gamers have been caught before, none was quite publicized as MissQGemini. She began a rattle at Twitch about how she has been accused of cheating because she’s a female. She began to rant that this was nonsense in a very graphic language after which she got down to business and started playing.

During the rant, she started to play without knowing that she wasn’t the only one seeing what’s happening. She immediately started to blame someone known as ‘’Clara’’ and claimed that Clara has been accused of cheating several times before. She explained that she left Clara to use her computer earlier and insists she doesn’t know how she trusted this ‘’cheater’’ on her PC.

Eventually, MissQGemini steam signs off the game and that seems to be the end of it. But remember that Twitch is a Live stream and everything that happened was being watched live by the streamer, the excuses that didn’t make sense to the rant and accuses were all being digested by everyone who was watching. All this performance was shared by the audience.

She was VAC Banned

There are very many controversies about what happened to MissQGemini but the fact remains that’s he was VAC banned. The information shared by ebaums world shows that she was VAC banned and not banned on Twitch. Although you would expect that she was banned on Twitch, this never happened. Her account was only closed voluntarily by MQG.

We would expect to find MissQGemini’s new Twitch account but we are still not sure. MissQGemini’s Instagram account is still running but she closed some of the accounts. Another thing is that the MisQGemini Twitter account is private with only 50 subscribers.

She has disappeared since then only to reappear with a new name within a week. According to the Twitch Fails Reddit section, she was banned for a short time and appeared with a new name and account known as The Djinnnn which allowed her to keep the subscribers and continue participating.



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