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ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand (NZ) has always been a day that is greatly honored! It falls on the 25th of April every year, and it has been made a public holiday since the year 1921. The day is fast approaching, and it marks a great reminder of those soldiers who may be gone but will never be forgotten. In both countries, if the 25th of April falls on a weekend, the holiday is automatically moved to the immediate Monday. The day is truly important and revered by all Australians and New Zealanders, as it should be.

Honoring ANZAC Day

ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps), the heroes who served Australia and New Zealand and died during the conflicts, wars, and peacekeeping activities at Gallipoli, Turkey. Gallipoli was known by veterans as a dangerous place to serve in World War I. It has now been renamed and is referred to as Gelibolu.

The Day Today

So how is ANZAC day honored? How do people come out to pay tribute to the unsung heroes on this day?

While Australians and New Zealanders get a day off work, this is not a day for celebration. It’s a solemn day! It’s a day with dawn services being held in various locations around both countries. If you have the chance to participate in the services and programs, one of the best ways to get around and pay your respects is through an electric scooter that is quiet but fast.

In Australia, people gather at the Returned and Services League (RSL) clubs of Australia to celebrate. Others like to remember the ANZAC soldiers by going back to the memories that were left behind. One of these is the traditional Two Up gambling game, which was loved and played by the ANZAC soldiers. It is only on this day in most of the states where the game is played.

Also in Australia, during the Australian Football (AFL), the player that best embodies and demonstrates the ANZAC spirit is always awarded the ANZAC Medal. ANZAC spirit entails skill, self-sacrifice, courage, fair play, and teamwork. The ANZAC Test is done in the Rugby League, which is usually held one week before the ANZAC Day, but it still commemorates the ANZAC soldiers.

New Zealand shops are prohibited from opening on ANZAC Day until 1pm. And you’ll see paper poppies all over, on or around Anzac Day. The poppies symbolize the remembrance of the soldiers, and they are given out by the RSA (Returned Services Association) members.

Additionally, ANZAC biscuits came to be, and they are still eaten to this day because of the ANZAC soldiers’ wives. These faithful wives came up with the original version of the Anzac Biscuits using certain special ingredients. This was to make sure that the biscuits stayed fresh for longer periods of time, since it took several weeks for them to reach the soldiers overseas. It is said that the original version of these biscuits were hard as rock, such that some soldiers would opt to grind them then make porridge from them. Today, changes have been made to the recipe, and they have all been good changes. The biscuits are softer and more edible, and they mark a great way to celebrate ANZAC Day.

Honor ANZAC Day

If you have the chance to be a part of this commemoration, it would be a good idea to gather with people who are also honoring this day. Reflecting on the sacrifices made by these brave soldiers and acknowledging the impact that their service will always have on the people of Australia and New Zealand is such a beautiful thing.

However, the traditional modes of transportation to get to these events, such as cars or public transport may pose a challenge due to the possible large crowds and traffic congestion. This is where electric rides like electric scooters or electric bikes come in.

Electric scooters are a convenient and efficient way to travel to events, more so in high traffic areas. They are compact and lightweight, and they allow someone to maneuver easily through crowded areas, making them an ideal form of transportation.

Electric scooters are environmentally friendly since they have zero emissions, and they also require significantly less energy to operate. This makes them stand out from traditional vehicles as they help to reduce the carbon footprint. Those attending events on ANZAC Day will be commemorating this great day as they make a positive step towards a sustainable future.

Electric scooters come in different models and brands, which can be affordable depending on which one you choose. This means that overall, an e-scooter is an ideal option for those on a budget. The upfront payment might be a lot more in the beginning, but in the long run, you will reap the benefits – even quicker than you imagined. Plus, using electricity will be cheaper than buying gas.

In addition to their practical benefits, electric scooters are also great for traveling. They give one a sense of independence and freedom, allowing people who are keen on attending the ANZAC Day festivities to just jump on their ride and scoot their way.

It is important though to remember that safety is key. Fast e-scooters should be used responsibly, which means that wearing the recommended, approved safety gear and helmet is a must, as well as following the traffic rules, and generally being aware of the surroundings.



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