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Expert Warning: Why You Should Avoid the Latest TikTok Trend Using Kmart Wiggle Cart Toys

The latest Kmart TikTok Trend has sparked reactions from various individuals including the road safety experts. The $29 wiggle cart Kmart toy gained popularity after a TikTok user shared a video of himself and his friends riding the toys quickly through an empty parking lot.

Kmart Wiggle Cart is an interactive shopping cart created by Kmart Australia. The cart is designed to make it easier for children to help their parents shop, allowing them to move and wiggle around the store with ease. Wiggle Carts are ride-on toys that propelled the user ahead with a “gentle swinging movement on the front pedals.” It was stated on the Kmart’s website that “Kids will like riding about the neighborhood on this entertaining wiggle cart.”

While the kids seems to be having fun using their new ride, expert have expressed concerns about the new trend. A major Australian retailer issued an urgent safety warning after the children toy were used in dangerous ways in a new TikTok trend. One of the viral vidoes encourages viewers to “run to your nearest Kmart now” and “ask for the Wiggle Cart”.

TikTok Trend Using Kmart Wiggle Cart Toy
Source: YouTube

TikTok has been abuzz with users sharing their experiences with the new Wiggle Carts. The Wiggle Carts are being sold exclusively at Kmart and have become a hot item in the TikTok world. Since the Wiggle Carts hit the shelves at Kmart, scores of TikTok users have been sharing videos of themselves using the carts and attempting to purchase them. The wiggle cart Kmart tiktok videos vary from people showing off their new carts to those who are disappointed that the carts are sold out. Either way, the videos have been entertaining to watch and have sparked a huge interest in Kmart’s Wiggle Carts.

However, while these ride-on toys are fun to try out, the Australian Road Safety Foundation‘ founder Russell White warns users against misusing the device while talking with 7News. He commented that when something gains quick popularity, people often find ways to use it beyond its intended purpose. He explained that while these items are meant to be used with the user’s own body weight, they can become hazardous when taken down a slope.

Mr Russell White contended that due to the height of the cart riders being low to the ground, truck or car drivers might not spot them and thus be unaware if they were to hit one. Kmart spokesman also informed Daily Telegraph that the the retailer was “disappointed” to learn buyers were misusing the device.

The spokesperson expressed their disappointment regarding reports of people misusing the Wiggle Cart, which is designed for ages 7+ and has a listed weight capacity of 50kg. They went on to emphasize the importance of following all safety instructions, such as wearing the proper protective helmet and clothing, and never using the product on the open road or near car traffic.

Kmart’s Wiggle Carts come with explicit safety instructions and warnings, stating that the maximum weight capacity is 50kg and they are only intended for use by individuals seven years of age and older.



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