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How to Solve Simplification Questions?

Simplification questions are commonly asked in competitive exams like the Bank and SSC exams. To answer these questions, candidates need to possess good calculating skills and the ability that helps to perform calculations accurately in a short time. Those who plan to appear for these exams must practice many questions to improve their speed. Several online question banks have a simplification questions pdf that is downloadable. The solutions to the problems are also included in the pdf. Candidates can practice during their free time and check the answers with the solutions available in the pdf.

Simplification is an important topic, and all competitive exams have questions about it. These questions are asked to determine whether the candidate has understood the basics of Maths. Two types of questions are found in this section. They are

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  1. Finding the missing number
  2. Understand the relation between numbers and simplify them using the principles of simplification.

Regular practice is essential to score high marks in this section. The candidates preparing for the exams must know some simplification tactics before attempting the questions. These tactics include the following

  • Learn the BODMAS rule
  • Memorize tables up to 25
  • Use the concept of the digital sum
  • Learn the tricks to find square roots and cube roots of big numbers quickly
  • Learn the concept of percentages
  • Memorize cubes and squares of numbers
  • Memorize the reciprocals

The rules of simplification

V  = Vinculum

B = Remove the brackets in the order ( ), { }, and [ ]

O = Off

D = Division

M = Multiplication

A = Addition

S = Subtraction

Suggestions to solve simplification questions in a short time

  • Candidates must always use the BODMAS rule wherever necessary.
  • They must round off the values given in decimal format. For example, 46.82 is rounded off to 47, and 23.12 is rounded off to 23.
  • Learning tables helps the candidates by making them save time spent doing calculations.
  • Candidates must know some fundamental formulas like

(a+b)² = a² + b² + 2ab

(a-b)² = a² + b² – 2ab

a² – b² = (a+b) (a-b)

a³ + b³ = (a+b) (a² – ab + b²)

(a+b)³ = a³ + b³ + 3ab (a+b)

(a-b)³ = a³ – b³ – 3ab (a-b)

 Calculation speed

Calculation speed plays an essential role in scoring high marks in competitive exams. Candidates who can perform calculations at a great speed have a greater chance of scoring high marks. They need only a few seconds to complete each question. Students who have understood the basic concepts well can do calculations quickly. Remembering the tables also helps candidates save time used for doing calculations.

Tips to improve calculation speed

To improve the calculation speed, candidates must start with basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Most mathematical problems have a combination of these four mathematical operations. Memorizing the tables, square, square root values, and cube root values help to do calculations quickly.

Discipline is essential to succeed in any exam. Candidates must identify the productive part of the day and practice at that time daily to improve their calculation speed. The practice time must be increased gradually, and people must attempt to solve more challenging questions.

Preparation and regular practice are essential to do calculations quickly during the exam, and choosing the best study material is equally important. The difficulty level of simplification questions is different in each competitive exam. Solving problems from a simplification questions pdf helps candidates to understand the difficulty level of questions. Aspirants must utilize these resources when they prepare for competitive exams. Preparing well boosts the confidence of a person and helps to understand the concepts better.



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