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Writing an argumentative essay about the Nobel Prize in literature

Students are familiar with various common written assignments for colleges and universities. Some tasks seem easy and do not make students stressed, and they spend loads of time completing them. However, there are volume written assignments on rare topics that may become a challenge for an author. When a student faces a problematic task for the first time, he or she starts looking for a way to reduce the stress. Some try to ask teachers for additional explanations, but not all teachers have time to assist students. One popular way to get help with a problematic paper is by ordering a customized sample online. A professional literary essay writer will help you with generating the main thesis, sourcing information, finding effective arguments, formatting, and structuring a paper. Turning to professional authors is a way out of a difficult situation that sufficiently economizes your time.

By reading our article, you will find many useful tips on writing an argumentative essay about the Nobel Prize in literature. We hope that you will consider these hacks when working on a paper.

What is an argumentative essay?

Before we will talk about writing an argumentative essay about the Nobel prize in literature, let us clarify the core terms. Argumentative essays are written assignments that contain the results of the research made by an author on a certain topic. Moreover, a writer should generate a main thesis and find facts that support this idea. An author’s purpose will be proving readers that his or her statements are correct and convince them to agree with the author’s thoughts.

It is vital not to mess up the terms of argumentative essays and expository essays. If argumentative essay writing obligatorily involves vast research and deep investigation of the subjects, expository essays do not require much sourcing work.

Start with formulating a topic

The Nobel Prize in literature is an exciting area to investigate. Before you start to research, you need to generate a meaningful and comprehensive topic for your argumentative essay. Here are some tips to consider when formulating a topic:

  • Read some other essays about the Nobel Prize in literature to source inspiration and avoid repeating the same statements.
  • Find an issue on the subject that will let you consider two polar opinions. Choosing a debatable topic is one of the crucial steps in writing an argumentative essay.
  • Ensure that you are interested in the subject and ready to take a particular position on the topic. 
  • Choose a topic that various arguments and easy-to-research can support.
  • Try to find original and fresh ideas. Writing an essay on a topic that is overdone could be boring.

Research on credible sources

The next essential stage of writing an essay about the Nobel Prize in literature is sourcing. You should conduct extensive and productive research collecting information on your topic. One of the most crucial tips is to use only trusted sources and checked information. The more extensive research h you conduct, the stronger arguments you will get to support your statements. Look for various types of sources, including in the list primary, secondary, and tertiary ones. To ease the process of collecting information and be clear on each source, go the credible websites, including the official Nobel Prize website. If you will consider using other websites, check their trustworthiness. It would be best if you source actual information from the interviews with the Nobel laureates. Remember to cross-check the facts you are going to use in an essay by sourcing similar information on other websites. Do not forget that all sources should be included in a reference list according to a stated type of formatting. Check the manuals from a teacher to get the information.

Structure and edit an essay 

Structuring will make your paper readable and logically arranged. Include at least three separate elements in an essay. An introduction must present the main thesis and provide some catching facts that will let your readers see why your opinion is right. The body of any argumentative essay must consist of several paragraphs with supporting facts on the topic. Include some strong statements in the conclusion to remind readers of your position regarding the topic.

Any essay requires an author to spend enough time editing, so make sure to complete the stage of proofreading if you want to score an excellent great for your paper. Plan to have at least one or two hours for the editing stage, depending on the volume of your paper. Start by reading the paper from the beginning two times. Ensure that you followed the manuals from a teacher and counted all the requirements. Read the arguments that support the main thesis and ensure that they are strong enough to convince readers to join your side regarding the topic. Check all the sources you used and ensure you included them in the bibliography list. Ensure that you follow the style and structure recommendations. 

After, you need to read your paper once again to check if there are any grammar or punctuation mistakes. You can use online grammar and punctuation checking tools like Grammarly as they will sufficiently help you to proofread the essay and check typos, repeated words, and stylistic errors. The process of editing will be easier if you combine it with a plagiarism check. For example, some online paper help services offer free plagiarism-checking tools. Also, you can use any online instruments you find on the web.


Writing an argumentative essay about the Nobel Prize in literature requires strong skills. Start with formulating a creative and catching topic. Provide comprehensive research on the subject, ensuring that all sources are credible. Structure and edit a paper to reduce all potential mistakes. We hope that reading our article was helpful. Good luck with your essays!



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