All You Need To Know The Importance Of Using Stainless Steel Door Handles

Door handles or doorknobs have been in use for more than a thousand years. Here is the complete guide depicting the importance of using stainless steel door handles.

Stainless Steel Door Handles
Stainless Steel Door Handles

Door handles or doorknobs have been in use for more than a thousand years. Ever since their invention, door handles have evolved continuously. This evolution included advanced mechanisms for easier use. They are basically used for opening and closing a door. 

Stainless Steel Door Handles
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Door handles are of various different styles and designs. They can be found on all types of doors, including the interior and exterior doors of commercial buildings and residential buildings. Even cars and cupboards have door handles. Door handles are made up of several materials. Some of them are:

  • Stainless Steel Door Handles
  • Brass Door Handles
  • Wood Door Handles
  • Bronze Door Handles
  • Porcelain Door Handles

With the ever-changing technology, there has been a new type of door handles introduced in the market.  These are called arm or foot-operated door handles. The major benefit of using such a door handle is that it prevents the spread of contagious germs and viruses. Such door handles are used primarily in public places like shopping malls or grocery stores.

The stainless steel door handles are probably the most popular option amongst other types.

Types of Stainless Steel Door Handles:

  • Pull Handles: The pull handles, also known as the pull door handles are a common example of stainless steel door handles. These are the U-shaped handles that are used primarily on kitchens and drawers.
  • Lever Latch: The lever latch or latch door handles are found on the backplate in public and commercial buildings.  A latch helps in keeping the door shut. These door handles have only one lever handle known as a knob that allows operating the latch. The lever latch handle is effortless to install and use, and it is even found in different finishes and designs. When the handle on the backplate is pushed down, it leads the spindle to turn to pass through the door inside. This movement allows the door to open. These stainless steel door handles do not need a lock as they are used mostly in interior doors. 
  • A Lever Tumbler Locks:  The lever lock door handle has a similar working mechanism to the lever latch handle. This system consists of a lever along with a keyhole cut that is located just below it. A set of levers here is responsible for preventing the bolt from getting in the lock. The lock is fitted with a mortice sash attached to a five millimetres spindle that passes through the door. The sash lock operates after a key is fitted in the door.
  • The Lever Privacy:  Another type of stainless steel door handle is the privacy door handle. In this system, the door handle consists of a thumb turn that is also sometimes referred as the snib and release or turn and release. This door can be unlocked from the outside in case of an emergency. When the snib below the handle is turned, a mechanism is located behind the backplate.  This prevents the handle or the lever from being further pushed down.
  • Bathroom Door Handles Set On A Backplate: The lever bathroom is used mostly in stainless steel door handles of bathroom doors. The easy lock and unlock feature of this mechanism makes it suitable for use. The snib allows doing this from the inside. Although in an emergency situation, the lock allows the door to be unlocked from the outside. The five millimetres spindle passes through the door and the lock inside.
Stainless Steel Door Handles
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Final Words-

At the end of the day, installing stainless steel door handles can add unique charms to your doors. Moreover, these types of door handles are completely stain and rust-resistant. Moreover, installing a set of stainless steel door handles could be installed in the kitchen and bathroom doors.


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