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Top Reasons You Should Repair Your iPhone Rather Than Buy a New One

Don’t throw away your phone just yet, you will be surprised at what a simple repair can do!

Did you accidentally drop your phone from Story Bridge or get it all wet at Sea World? Mobile phones are so important to us that damaging them is like breaking a limb. Whether you need to check the time, text a loved one, take a picture under the Wheel, jot down some notes, or keep up with a Kardashian, our phones can do all that and so much more.

Without our phones, we would not be able to do simple things like finding directions on a lonely street or looking up a recipe on a moving vehicle. That’s why keeping it in perfect condition is more a need than a want.

It’s not the end of the world if your phone has a broken screen or a faulty battery, has trouble charging, or has accidentally fallen in the water. One-stop at an iPhone repair store in Brisbane and it will be as good as new.

Benefits of Repairing Your iPhone.

If your phone is giving you a hard time and is lagging every time you pick it up, you may think it is time to throw it away and buy a new phone.

While in some cases that may be a good decision, here is a list of reasons why you need to pay a visit to the iPhone repair store in Brisbane instead of getting a new one:


Buying a new iPhone, especially if you want to keep up with the trends and buy the latest one, can be extremely expensive. And while buying a new phone harms no one, it may cause a huge dent in your pocket. Your old phone just needs a little boost and it will work just as well as a new one. Moreover, minor repairs to fix battery issues, broken screens, or liquid logs are not as expensive as you think.


Buying a new phone is a lot of work. A lot of time goes into researching different features and specifications, prices, reviews, and the like. Once you pick the right phone, you need to back up and transfer all of your data, messages, pictures, and the list goes on. Repairing your phone saves you all that hassle, especially if the damage is a minor one.

Environmental Friendly.

Brisbane was awared for its sustainability in 2014 and 2016. Who would want to ruin that? Improper disposal of mobile phones by dumping them in the trash is an environmental hazard as they will most likely never be recycled. Manufacturing new ones is almost as harmful to the planet as their disposal with smartphone production releasing immense loads of greenhouse gases. Repairing your old phone is more ethical and eco-friendly than you can imagine.

Take Advantage of the Warranty.

Make use of your store warranty and have your phone brought back to perfect condition without spending a dollar. If your phone is facing charging issues and battery problems within the first two years of use, it is only smart to have the company right what’s wrong.

It is Repair Time.

Now that you have had the run-through of the many benefits of repairing your phone over buying a new one, what are you waiting for? Fix your phone and experience the joy of capturing pictures at Roma Street Parkland or reviewing your favourite lamington place.

With excellent iPhone repair services in Brisbane, do not give up on your phone just yet, it has got a lot of life left in it if you only give it another chance.



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