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Things to Consider Before Moving to an Off-Campus Apartment

Sprinting to class from your dorm may not take long, but after a year, it is time to move off campus. However, this task should not be taken lightly, or you will regret it. Take the following factors into consideration when you are choosing where to live. With these in mind, your upcoming semester will be better than ever.

Lease Policies and Procedures

Thoroughly review your new lease’s terms before signing, or you could be locked into an unfavorable contract. Check to see if there are any clauses related to default, and ask if rent divisions are possible. Are there any additional rules you should be aware of before relocating?

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In addition to these factors, peel your eyes for termination guidelines, late fees, monthly deposits, and pet policies. If you have questions regarding their written stipulations, speak to the complex’s manager. Occasionally, first-time renters require a co-signer, as they lack credit history. Make sure your co-signer has a good payment record and does not have any previous evictions.

Your university’s legal department likely employs advisors who can help you parse documents. If there is any legalese, they can untangle and clarify it for you, ensuring it is understood clearly.

Power, Internet, and Utilities

Dorm life is not too bad, especially considering the included utilities. Nevertheless, these become your responsibility after you relocate away from the dormitory. Additionally, the internet is practically a requirement for students today, so it must be set up. Without an established internet connection, assignment submissions may be missed.

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Further, the power must be registered in your name, and there is a deposit that you must pay. In many cases, companies request a copy of your social security number and past rental record. Plus, you must be prepared to pay for unexpected expenses like maintenance. Therefore, freshmen should include these in their budget calculations, or they will go overboard.


A typical rental agreement will only include one person at a time. Nonetheless, multiple tenants can sign a lease, but they must communicate with the landlord. As a rule of thumb, the renters’ total income must be three times the monthly rent.

If you prefer living alone, you may need to obtain a particular room assignment. Otherwise, the leasing managers may put you into a room with strangers, but that can be fun. Kelby Farms offers roommate matching services so that you can find someone compatible. They ask you to fill out a questionnaire, and they use it to match you with similar folk.

Distance From Campus

Hurtling to the shuttle can be a rapid way to class, but living far away from campus would make that impossible. Hopefully, you can secure a stay somewhere with a dedicated route to your classroom. On the other hand, if you have lived on campus before, any commute will be a new addition.

Before starting classes, tabulate how long it will take for you to make it from home. Doing these tabulations will come in handy once it is time to rush there, as you will know how much time it requires.

Overall Cost

Traditionally, student groups anticipate paying for everything in one bill when living on campus. Many dorm rooms even include a meal plan in their cost, but that is different off-campus. Besides adding to your rent bill, moving off campus will also impact your utility expenditures.

Moreover, the added commutes will also eat into your monthly budget, so be careful. Conversely, you can counterbalance these extra costs by splitting stuff with your roomies. Thus, a balancing act goes with moving into a traditional apartment.

Meal Planning

Remember to eat real food once in a while, or you could go hungry all year. Since the apartment’s amenity list lacks a meal plan, you must learn how to be a chef. Plus, it is less expensive to cook food than it is to eat out every night. Use the savings you accrue from cooking to pay for next semester’s books.

Moving Away From Campus for the First Time

Moving off campus for the first time is an exciting, pulse-pounding adventure. As long as you follow the advice in this guide, everything will go well once it is time.



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