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How to Know If You Have Bad Back Links Harming Your Website!?

Backlinks in the internet are like nerves in our bodies. They help carry the communication from one point to another. They are necessary and they keep the internet alive somehow. But people go greedy and start finding loops in the system to get some short-term benefit! The same things happen even when it comes to backlinks! This link spamming and farming was at its peak around 2010. People just had to, says PerfectLinkBuilding, buy backlinks (Australia) at a cheap price and there was this Google thinking that, “Oh! This website has many backlinks!? It must be famous!” And people were just exploiting it to the core! But has it really stopped now? We talked to PerfectLink Building. PerfectLink Building is one of the best link building company (Australia).

It is said that poor backlinks are still hurting the world today. Furthermore, sometimes the owners of websites even stay unaware of their websites having spam backlinks. So how to know if your website has some?

How to find out spam backlinks to your website?

There is one thing about spammy backlinks that many people do not know. If spammy backlinks get left ignored, they lead to penalties and bans. Many people have this general idea that if poor backlinks do not provide any benefit, they should not even provide any loss. But it is wrong. Upon the courts of Google, the wrongdoer gets punished.

But how do these spam backlinks happen after all?

The various ways you can buy spam backlinks!

If there could be one piece of advice to those aspiring for a SERPs top, it would be this: Do not ever go for spam and poor quality backlinks at any cost, or even for free. But then, sometimes these links happen unintentionally. How?

  • People, says PerfectLinkBuilding, buy backlinks (Australia) at cheap price. They think that you just need to have backlinks and this is all. But times have changed and Google has grown thousand times stronger. You just cannot get away from its powerful algorithmic arms! Furthermore, some people go on buying backlinks at cheap price thinking that the links would be of higher DA and PA scores. But know that links with higher Domain and Page ratings come costly.
  • There is another scenario when people get attacked by backlinks. We call this Negative SEO. You might be thinking that we have not done this, then how come have these links happened? Do not be so gentle in this dark of the night. Competitors lurk around with brutals and rotten mind, but sharp indeed. We all know that once Google finds out that a website has spam links directing to it, it degrades that website on the SERP. This degradation gives rivals a chance to hop back on the top of the SERP and reap the rewards! But do not you cry fountains about it. There are ways to find these links out and then deal with them.
  • And then people buy links that might not seem bad at first, but do not give any rewards to the website. For example, what if your website has a ccTLD ( Country Code Top-Level Domain) of Australia, has a consumer niche in Australia, but has some inbound links from China? Google says that the links from other countries do not impact your rankings in your country. Or what if you get inbound links from websites having no security certificates?

Ways to find out Spam links!

There are two ways to find these spam backlinks out. One way costs you money, the other way costs you effort.

The first way is to use link analysis tools provided by Ahrefs, Moz, etc. They charge you some money but provide you the comfort. If you have any plans to use these tools then there are tutorials provided by these agencies on how to use those tools. Go through the tutorial and create a list of backlinks that have low DR/PR/UR scores. You’ll need this list to feed the tool provided by Google. This will tell Google that it does not need to consider these links when evaluating your website.

Another way is to use tools provided by Google. Google has provided almost all the tools to help you deal with several issues. The thing is that it takes some time to get used to them and they do not have as many functions as those provided by Ahrefs and Moz. If you think that you had gone in the past to (PerfectLinkBuilding) buy backlinks (Australia), or you think that your competitor might have done this mischief, then check your links using Google Analytics. If you have a bigger website, it would be a mere hassle to use Google Analytics.

Now, once you have identified the links that you think are causing problems to your website. It is time to feed them into the Google Disavow Tool. Google Disavow Tool takes in the links that you want it to ignore and not relate to your website. Make a text file having the links in the format as asked by Google.

Now, if you think all this is too much for your mind to do, we suggest you consider an SEO agency. SEO agencies are known to the bits and pieces of how things work in the internet world. Set a budget for it and get the service. It will bring you many benefits in the near future. We suggest you check PLB for example. PerfectLink Building is one of the best link building company (Australia) and has been serving people across the country with its expertise and wisdom.

Advise on how to buy backlinks (Australia)!

Link building is one of the toughest things in the internet world. It takes time and effort and quality content and some good networking. The competition is going to get further considering the lowering costs of internet and gadgets. More and more people will start having a website soon. This increased competition will surely require an expert intervention for the help. The data says that 71% of total users do not even go to the second Google page when they search things. This tells how important it becomes to get an expert authority to deal with these technicalities if the aim is to set foot for the long term.

Do not ever, says PerfectLinkBuilding, buy backlinks Australia that are being offered at too cheap a price. Chances are they will be spam and the visitors would be bots alone. Spend a little more, but go for links with higher DA and PA ratings. They always save money in the long term. PerfectLinkBuilding is one of the best link building company Australia and you might want to check its several affordable plans.



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