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How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost In Australia?

More than 38% of women in Australia and other parts of the world use

to help them look younger and more confident. All women can agree with me that hair is the most precious beauty assets they have. It doesn’t matter the style, the race or how short, bald, straight, wash-and-gos or an Afro, all women wants to ensure they give their hair the best. But the cost of taking care of the hair can be very high given the current prices of wigs and hair extensions.

In Australia for example, you can get hair extensions from as low as $20. But still, there are some good hair extensions that cost $300-$500. To help you make good decisions in this situation, we will guide you along and give you approximate costs of hair extensions in Australia.

High quality vs. Cheap Hair Extensions

When you are searching for hair extensions in Australia, you are trying to get affordable yet, high quality hair extension. One thing that determines the average cost of hair extensions is the type of hair extension. When searching the market, you will notice that high-quality hair extensions don’t come cheap. However, choosing bad hair extension because it’s cheap will only attract bad attention.

If you want to save money on hair extensions, or if you want to know if it’s worthy spending an extra buck on hair extensions, then you will find this part interesting. High quality hair extension might cost more than $500 but it will be the best for your hair. High quality hair extensions are made from real human hair. In most instances, this hair is labeled 100% remy human hair or just remy human hair.

High quality human hair can last longer and is more durable, Its soft in texture and has a realistic hair appearance. Furthermore, styling high quality hair extensions will be easy and straightforward.

High quality vs. cheap hair Extensions: Price Tags

The price tags for low quality hair extensions in Australia can be below $20. But now shopping for human hair extensions is a big deal. Compared to low quality hair extensions, you will pay up to $500 for high quality human hair for non-permanent extensions. The good examples here are halo and clip-ins in Australia. Permanent professional extensions will cost more than $3000.

Tap-In Hair extension and Clip-In Hair extensions

The average cost of Tape-In Hair extension will be $200-$400 and an installation of more than $200. Clip in extensions cost about $200.

Microbead Hair extensions

You might have to pay more than $200 for Microbead Hair extensions. The cost might equally vary from one place to the other. The cost for the hair is $200 and the installation is $400. For maintenance, you might have to pay more than $1,200 per year. It might cost more for high quality hair but this is completely worth it. With this information, does it seem expensive to buy and install hair extensions in Australia? Take time to head for high quality hair extensions.



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