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Features of a UV Nail Lamp

Keeping your nails healthy and looking good is essential. So, it’s no surprise if you have a UV nail lamp in Australia on your purchasing list. But how do you know which one is right for you? Let’s outline some of the features that make nail lamps unique.

Adjustable time setting

The curing time is adjustable. UV nail lamps have a time control function that you can adjust according to your needs. You can set the curing time from 1 second to 99 seconds, which can be adjusted in 1-second increments. With this feature, you won’t need to wait too long before each layer is cured, or you will have to start all over again with just one layer of polish on your nails.

Timer memory function

You can set the timer to turn off automatically. The lamp will turn off after curing your nails for the period, so you don’t have to worry about manually forgetting to turn it off.

This is especially useful if you’re not home when your nails are done or can’t be present while they cure because of work or college commitments.

When the timer function is on, the lamp will remember your last setting and automatically return to that setting each time you switch it on (up until the subsequent use).

Advanced LED technology

The most noticeable feature of a UV nail lamp from Australia is that it uses UV light to harden the gel polish. However, if you’re familiar with how these lamps work, you know this is not as simple as it sounds. The curing process involves placing your hand under the lamp for a few minutes until the gel has hardened and removing your hands from beneath the heat source.

Specially designed for nail art.

A UV nail lamp is specially designed for nail art. It’s made for nail art and can help you get the most out of your manicures and pedicures. A UV lamp will help you create stunning designs on your nails that look fantastic with just about any colour polish. And because it’s specially made for gel nails, you’ll be able to use the gel coatings that are so popular in today’s market.

UV lamps are great for applying gels and traditional polishes, whether acrylics or shellacs. They’re also an excellent choice for giving yourself a home manicure with no streaks or smudges.

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Nail Lamp Features

UV nail lamps come in many shapes, sizes, and prices. Knowing what features you should look for when shopping for one is important.

  • Price – Depending on the type of UV nail lamp you’re looking for, and how many nails you want to treat at once, you can find a UV lamp that fits your budget. If money is an issue and you’ll only be using it occasionally, it’s best to go with a less expensive model. However, if this is used regularly, it might be worth spending more for better quality or more features.
  • Safety – Both sides have debated the safety of using a UV nail lamp, but some simple precautions can help prevent any issues with exposure:
  • Keep it away from your eyes when using the device;
  • Only use at least 6″ away from your face;
  • Always wash hands thoroughly after handling the device or removing protective gloves/clothing;
  • Do not touch treated nails directly on the skin after curing under the light.


Nail Lamps are a great addition to any nail artist’s arsenal. They provide a consistent light source that can be adjusted to your needs, making it easy to get the right colour and cure time for your nails every time. It’s vital for your customers and yourself so you know what you’re doing when doing an at-home manicure or pedicure.



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