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Advantages Of Wearing Espadrilles For Women!

If you’re someone who wants to keep the style factor while also being extremely comfortable in your chosen pair of footwear, then espadrilles for women is a footwear style that you should not be missing out on. If you’re out shopping and need some comfortable, affordable, and stylish pairs of footwear, put your money where your foot is, and dress in espadrilles. 

Since the market has a wide variety of footwear available, it is easy to get distracted or confused. Why we recommend espadrilles because they’re so comfortable that they might just become your go-to for daily wear. They look good with almost all outfits, and since comfort comes first, espadrilles are the right pick for anyone looking for mobility plus style. 

What Are Espadrilles? 

Espadrilles are casual flats made with canvas fabrics, rubber soles, and high-quality cotton. A fibre rope attached around the edges gives these styles of shoes a cute look. You can pair it with dresses, jeans, pants, skirts and so much more. 

Espadrilles’ selling point is how comfortable they are because of how long they’ve been around. This traditional footwear has found a way to still be on the top of our list. We will soon explore the history of espadrilles! 

Today, espadrilles are so common that they are available at so many stores, online or offline and can be spotted worn by your favourite celebrities too! Women of all ages can wear espadrilles. Unlike heels that become difficult to sport in your old age, espadrilles are the opposite. You can pair them with anything and anytime. 

Women often look to showcase and sport uniqueness. We all have our own style and want to indulge in something unique. There has always been a spot for espadrilles to shine bright in modern society and they have kept up to their potential. Lightweight, fashionable and easy to wear, if you don’t have a pair already, it is time to start looking for ‘the one.’ 

The History of Espadrilles for Women

When we think of this simple footwear, we only think about how they are comfortable and how they’ve been worn more during the summer season. History shows that espadrilles were worn by both men and women, a diverse shoe style. Who would have thought? 

Espadrilles originate from Spain, from the Catalonia and Basque region. It is also believed to be sported in the historical region of France called Occitania. Archaeological evidence shows that espadrilles have been around for almost 4000 years! That’s shocking, right? But if you look through the Archaeological Museum of Granada, you will find that the oldest pair of espadrilles dates back to 2000 BCE.

The name espadrilles is derived from ‘espardenya’, a Catalan word. This word translates to ‘esparto’ grass, an ingenious southern European plant that was used in the making of Espadrilles. This plant was used extensively to make ropes and baskets and the iconic soles of the espadrilles footwear that quickly gained momentum. 

Espadrilles are now crafted with different natural plants and not just from the esparto plant exclusively. Jute and hemp happen to be two of the most common materials sussed for this kind of footwear. Although Spain is the biggest producer of espadrilles, places like Bangladesh have also started their production. And espadrilles are now easily found all over the world and are renowned! 

Advantages of Espadrilles for Women: 

Let’s explore why espadrilles are iconic and why they have managed to stick around successfully after all these years! 

  • Espadrilles Are Comfortable

Espadrilles are one of the most comfortable types of footwear you will ever own. As we said, the ease with which you will move in these types of shoes will quickly make you realise that these might the missing piece of your footwear puzzle and you have finally found your shoe collection. Many designers, clothing stores, etc. offer espadrilles with different patterns, colours and embellishments. 

Especially for summer, espadrilles are the best! Easy to slide into, easy to get out of and very easy to walk in! The sole of espadrilles shoes can be different. It can be a flat, platform or wedge. If you’re wondering how this serves the purpose of wearing flats, let us tell you something. 

Wedges and platforms do not bring great weight to your ankles and heels. They maintain the balance and since espadrilles are made with natural fibres, such as jute, hemp, etc, it works really well! 

  • Your Eco-Friendly Option! 

Yes, the espadrilles have gone through quite a bit in terms of different times and ages. Many new fabrics, colours and patterns are now being used to make espadrilles but it is still an environmentally friendly practice. It has a powerful ecological impact and the process of production and manufacture remains the same. 

Since these kinds of shoes are made only with natural fibres derived from plants, it is eco-friendly. Unlike many other footwear styles, no chemicals are used in the making of espadrilles that would degrade our environment. 

  • Free From Odour And Sweat: 

You find your feet smelling and sweating so often, especially when it is hot outside. It can be so embarrassing to move around with an odour as bad as that. You are always required to wear socks or use some foot powder. 

The downside of using foot powder is that it might become clumpy because of the sweat and make things worse. On the contrary, since espadrilles are made with materials like jute and hemp, it allows air to pass by and keeps the feet dry. 

  • Easy To Walk In 

No shoe bites, no brutal marks and no difficulty walking in. It is as swift as if you were walking barefoot. That’s right. These shoes are so easy to wear and walk in since they’re traditionally flat but even the wedges and platform patterns are made of jute. 

Now that we’ve explained to you all about the magic of espadrilles, it’s time for you to enjoy your own pair and discover the fun!



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