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Adopting A Sustainable Lifestyle: Switching To Eco-Friendly Footwear

You may have come across magazine articles promoting sustainable lifestyles through sustainable fashion. The subject of sustainability has expanded as several individuals seek to learn about it and contribute to environment conservation.

The effects of global warming have been noticed worldwide. So, people are coming forward to find solutions to reduce the carbon footprints. One such approach is sustainable fashion and sustainable footwear. Brands like Taos have taken initiatives to manufacture comfortable, trendy, eco-friendly footwear.

Are you seeking to adopt a sustainable lifestyle too? Read on to unravel the buzz around sustainable footwear.

What is the Buzz Around Sustainable Shoes?

Made with an eco-friendly approach using recycled waste, the sustainable shoes are the talk of the town. As several individuals advocate for environmental conservation, brands have volunteered to integrate sustainable designs to contribute to the cause.

One of the primary reasons that can influence you to switch is to avoid contact with harmful chemicals. Additionally, the footwear does not include animal products, so they are cruelty-free.

How Do Eco-Friendly Footwear Benefit You?

Sustainable footwear brings a different approach to looking at fashion. It has questioned our consciousness towards choosing what we consume and its source. Amongst the many benefits listed below are some of them. Take a look!

Reduces Wastage

You may dump your shoes after using them for a considerable time. However, they may accumulate spaces in landfills and fill up the ocean beds. The disregarded dumping has negative consequences on the environment.

So, recycling the waste to make new shoes reduces wastage. Moreover, it also avoids the usage of raw materials that would have been used to make shoes from scratch.

Supports Animal Rights

You would think that leather makes the sturdiest material for footwear. However, leather is not a cruelty-free material. It is estimated that one cow’s skin makes nearly 18 pairs of shoes. Thus, choosing sustainability means supporting animal rights.

Plus, you need not rely on leather for sturdy shoes, the recycled shoes are equally strong.

Unique Footwear

Did you know that sustainable shoes are durable and last longer than regular shoes? Well, you may be surprised!

As eco-friendly shoes use a mixture of materials, they tend to be stronger. Moreover, you can wash and clean your sustainable shoes because they are easy to maintain. You may use cold water and a mild cleanser to clean your footwear.

Reduces Water Consumption

A certain popular shoe brand uses several litres of water in the dyeing process of shoemaking. However, the brand has now introduced a unique waterless dye process and saved more than five million gallons of water.

The amount of water used while manufacturing footwear is reduced when brands adopt sustainable practices. Hence, reducing the carbon footprints and encouraging their loyal customers to follow the sustainable path.

Summing Up

Taking small steps towards saving the planet can go a long way in conserving the environment. Thus, a small initiative like switching to sustainable shoes can contribute to a significant change. Brands like Taos are making this happen and offering sustainable lifestyle product choices to their customers.

The sustainable products are not only comfortable but sturdy too. They reduce waste dumping and save water during their manufacturing process.

Do you wish to take a step forward and live a sustainable life? You can do so by shopping for eco-friendly shoes.



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