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Why Psychology of Interior Design is Important?

They say it is easy to become happier at home! You heard it right.

It is easy to become happier at home!!

Psychology has deep roots in our lives. At different times and different levels, psychology guides us. When you think of an interior design, you think of your home, and become happy. Life is full of colours and everything else you can see around. And the small changes to colours, layout and fabrics can lead and evoke your best positive feelings.

Here, we will address what colour, style, fabric, and interior design makes you feel happy, better, and make your mood.

Now, when you are ready to take a step, ask yourself a few questions.

How are you feeling when you first enter your room?

Does your interior design need some changes?

What, when, and why to choose a colour, texture, or fabric?

There are unlimited colours, textures, and a whole world of interior design, which you have in your mind for your home.

From the heart we all are designers. So, listen to your inner world that keeps your outer world more aesthetic. The true desires in you will bring real comfort and happiness for you.

Interior design that evokes your best feeling and emotions:

Romance- Desire of everyone

Romance is attached to every corner of the room. So, wisely choose the fabrics that should be soft, touchable and have some flow in them.

Pride- Weapon for personality

Living and dining room where your guests and relatives spent most of the time. Make sure your interior design is perfect from any angle where there they can see and entertain in your home.

Comfort- It is everything!

Warm textured fabrics with softness and rich colours can make everything comfortable. For instance, the master bedroom is the best place to décor, along with the family room.

Happiness- The most wanted feeling you desire for!!

Happiness comes from your inner side. That’s why interior design comes into play. When friends, guests and family members get together they are obsessed with your home’s interior design often.

Psychology of Colour in Interior Design

It is a famous saying that, “colours are the smiles of nature”. Our life becomes dull without colour. It is the colours that make our lives colourful with no boundaries. That’s why the theory of colour has gained so much importance due to make our moods and happy.


Neutral Colour– Famous for their versatility

Brown Colour– It is a neutral colour and associated in the mind with wood, stability and organics.  Keep in mind the overuse of brown colour because it can make you sleep.

White Colour– It represents peace, cleanliness, purity and goodness. Don’t use too much white due to sometimes it is associated with sterility. If you have the room of a small wall then using white colour is best because it makes it look large.

Black Colour– It symbolizes darkness, night, and despair. This colour is recommended for home theatre. It is best for moderation, colour balancing and for adding some contrast.

Warmer Colours- Full of energies

Red Colour- It is a colour of love, resilience, anger and energy. This colour can increase your blood pressure for good and worse. If you are a blood pressure patient, don’t prefer this. Red represents good fortune in Feng Shui.

Pink Colour– It is the best colour for children. It represents love, happiness, and peace. And the best alternative of red colour.


Colder Colours- Opposite of Warmer Colours

Blue Colour- It represents openness, calmness, and stability. Light blue is the most popular and appropriate for living rooms. Dark blue can make you sad, so avid it.

Purple Colour- It represents wealth, ambition and creativity. Purple is known for its versatility for all kinds of rooms and any purpose.

In the end, all the above can go in vain or dull if you don’t care about your interior cleanliness. Your friends, guests and family members will attract to your interior design when you take care of your interior sofacurtain, blinds, carpets, and drapery. On the other hand, all your expensive interior designs may damage.

And the right interior design with cleanliness will make you happy, calm, creative, passionate, loving, caring, and of positive feelings and moods.



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