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Wera Tools Australia: Best Buying Guides

The main agenda of the Wera tools Australia is to introduce innovative tools that will make your life simpler, safer and happier to do. They have a vow to take every day’s tools and turn them into innovative and extraordinary tools. The tools have underwent high quality controls and user tests to adhere to international quality and assurance standards for these kinds of tools.

The brand manufactured their first Kraftform handle for the screwdriver in the late 1960s. After this, the company has been a top developer and marketer of facets. The handle makes it easy for the muscles to drive screws quickly and safely. With this tool, it helps avoid all forms of possible injuries. Moving on, the Lasertip technology prevents came out and ensures extra grip for a comfortable screw fit.

Wera tools Buying Guide

There are few things to consider when buying Wera tools including the most famous, Wera screwdriver set. To help you buy quickly and faster, we have compiled a quick buying guide with all the factors to put in consideration.

Size of the set

This is the first and the foremost consideration. In this regard, I’m not talking about the size of the box but the number of screws and other tools in a given set. In most cases, normal sets come with a minimum of five tools. But there are some situations where you can get more than 32 screwdrivers in a single set.


Moving on, you should also consider the type of handles used. Most Wera tools comes with polymer and plastic handles because they provide longevity and light weight. However, some others are made of wood for a great chic look and durability. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a tool that fits you perfectly.


When talking about quality, Wera tools does a good job. However, there are other things such as the shank quality which is equally important to consider. This refers to the shaft between the blade tip and the handle. In Wera tools’ shanks are made of carbon steel and other materials such as Chromium and nickel. They are actually cost effective and very sturdy.

Tip and Blade quality is also very imperative for heavy users. The fact is that you need tools so that you can get the work easier. If you are going for Wera screwdrivers, you will have to consider the tip and Blade quality.

Removable Handles and Shanks

It’s always important to go for screwdrivers and other tools with removable handles and shanks. This will minimize the amount of parts you have for a single tool. It’s also imperative in making it easier to switch between screwdrivers by just replacing the tips instead of carrying all the handles.

Type of the set and cost

Lastly, the type of the set and the cost will be important to consider. There are actually three different types of screwdriver sets available. There are those with sharp tips, the ones known for their Unique X marking and others depending on the type of the screws.



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