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How to Find Work From Home Jobs In Australia

At the eve of 2020, Covid-19 forced thousands of companies to send their workers home. This is the time the idea of working from home crossed minds of many workers. Many of them started seeking methods of making an extra income from the comfort of their homes. The rush to give other employees access to important tools that would help them work from home began. Besides that, many people that lost their jobs started learning new skills and joining Freelance sites as a way to supplement their low income. However, finding work from home jobs in Australia hasn’t been a walk in the park. For that reason, I have compiled some of the most viable ways of finding paid jobs in Australia.

Customer service Assistant

One of the fields that received a lot of attention is working from home as a Customer Service representative. Many companies are advertising vacancies for remote customer services. As a matter of fact, there are countless open vacancies for Customer service assistant in Australia. But you need to be qualified with certificate IV in Customer Engagement. The fact is that customer agents are the face of the company and hence should be informed and responsible.

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Online sales Representatives

To be a qualified sales representative, most companies will ask for a Certificate IV in Business sales or a Certificate III in Business. However, there are several others that will not ask for any qualifications. Working from home as a sales representative for services and products is receiving more attention in Australia.

Virtual Assistant

You can easily make money as a virtual assistant in Australia. You only need a certificate IV in Business Administration. All assistants will be tasked with performing clerical work and administration duties. Today, the advancement in technology has introduced all the tools users need to work from home as Virtual assistant.

Data Entry Jobs

Data is very essential for the operations of every company but hiring a full time data entry expert can be costly. For that reason, more companies are going online to hire remote data entry experts. However, you might need a Certificate in Business Administration. But this is not very necessary because you can just have the right information for this task. Your work will involve manually inputting information to a spreadsheet or a database as required.

Freelance content writers

This is the most rewarding job that you can get today and make a lot of money at the end of every month. Some companies will ask for a Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications. Working as a Freelance content creator might not demand a specific qualification as long as you have the right experience and knowledge in SEO and content creation. You will be tasked to write contents for websites, social Media and companies. This will include blog posts, product reviews, and descriptions. The main advantage of working as a Content creator is that you will work from home and work flexibly.



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