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Top Ways to Fix The Common Blocked Drain Causes

Maintenance of the drainage system and sewer pipes takes a lot of effort to ensure proper functioning. Blockage can occur out of nowhere, creating a complete mess that may hinder your routine tasks. These issues will irritate you and can make your morning unpleasant. However, there are multiple usable techniques to fix blocked pipes. Get the most common ways to avoid blocked drains through some maintenance habits.

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If you do not follow some of the basic maintenance tips, you may have to call a professional plumber to fix blocked drains. Some imposter plumbers charge a good amount as a fee or charge for their services. So save your time and money by considering these advanced precautions to fix the drainage issue.

Blocked Drain
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  • Using drain grills – Small plants, tree roots, and dry leaves clog the outside drain. The leaves fallen off from the trees can cover the surface and may pass down the drain with water. You can use the drain grills to cover the passage and avoid blocked drainage. Keep your yard or garden clean and tidy from fallen dried leaves and flower buds. The leaves falling off in autumn can cover the drains and result in the outside drain overflowing afterward.
  • Use trash bags to throw out used toilet paper – Too much use of anything is harmful and it is similar to the case of toilet paper usage. The toilet paper creates clogs if flushed in a large amount as it mixes with the other components down the drain and creates a pile. It is best to use toilet paper in a moderate amount and not flush it directly into the toilet. You can use trash bags or small-sized dustbins to throw the waste.
  • Using plungers – The mineral deposits can have a sufficient backup and reduce the continuous water flow through clogging. It requires a plumber to unclog the drains and fix blocked drains through the plunger and vacuum cleaner. You can use a water softener to avoid future mineral build-up.
  • Using a hair strainer guard – Your hair tends to fall in a particular season which is the biggest reason for the drain being blocked. If you have a pet in the house then you might shower them and their hair mix with multiple substances and block the drains. The hair gets accumulated over the grill and slows down the water passage. A hair strainer guard will help you resolve the problem of Sydney’s blocked drains.
  • Throw leftover food in the garbage disposal bin – You are using kitchen sinks for washing utensils, plates, spoons, and bowls. The grease oil, leftover food, tea leaves, and fruit or vegetable leftovers wash down the sink creating clogs. It can do big damage to your sink and might be expensive to hire plumbers for a blocked drain. The inspection, cleaning, tools usage, and replacement can charge a hefty amount. To avoid blocked pipes, you can use dustbins and trash bags to throw food leftovers, plate foods, and other things in the garbage disposal.
  • Considering a CCTV drain inspection – The roots of trees like banyan trees can spread wide. It can choke and create cracks in sewerage pipes or drains. The roots can cause severe damage to the drainage system and block the drain. Similarly, dry leaves and meads can result in the outside drain overflowing. You can opt for a CCTV drain inspection from an experienced plumber to determine the obstacles.


Search for the best drain solutions to prevent clogging and blocking. Unblocked drains can prevent you from numerous problems of blocking and clogging.



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