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Strange facts about hot air balloons

You might have seen colourful big balloons flying above your home’s terrace or playing ground. The experience simply makes you wonder how it would feel like taking a hot air balloon ride and enjoying a mesmerising landscape view. Hot air balloon rides allow you to experience the incredible beauty of the nature. You can live the moment by booking a hot air balloon ride with trusted providers and enjoy the scenic view up in the sky. Inquire about the hot air balloon deals in Melbourne and you will be surprised to know how cost-effective these deals are!

If you have taken a ride in a hot air balloon, you will be able to relate and connect yourself to the facts mentioned. Here are some interesting yet strange facts about hot air balloons.

  • The first hot air balloon was invented by the Chinese

China was experimenting with hot air balloons for two thousand years plus and got successful in the 18th century with their first flight ride. The idea of a hot air balloon originated in the mind of Zhuge Liang, a military strategist. He adapted a hot air balloon mechanism to deliver messages to the troops and ask for help.

The Chinese use hot air balloons with airborne lanterns that can now be seen at weddings and other occasions. It is easy to spot lighted hot air balloons from miles away. Small hot air balloons have become the best tool to communicate with the troops in the Chinese army and indicate their approximate location.

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  • Some of the first passengers to ride in hot air balloons were animals

It is strange to know that the first hot air balloonists were animals. Brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier wanted to experiment and observe how heat made paper or fabric bag rise suddenly. Montgolfier’s hot air balloon was tested and its design was confirmed after testing flights. Both brother wanted to ensure that the hot air balloon ride is safe and secure for humans.

The first animals that were launched in hot air balloons were sheep, a rooster, and a duck.

It was observed and found that the balloon rose at 600 metres in height and travelled for more than 2 miles. Although the fabric was damaged, the balloon managed to land safely in a field. The animals in the balloon were inspected by a physician, they were safe and alive. After this experiment, hot air balloon rides started for humans.

  • The first pilot of a hot air balloon died in a crash

The first person to take flight on a hot air balloon was Jean Francois Pilatre de Rozier in 1783. After the successful launching of the flight, it eventually winds up and causes a fatal accident. They went on with increasing efficiency and pushed the boundaries of balloons to fly across the English channel. Something went wrong due to which the balloon caught fire and set the pilot and his colleague to death.

  • Hot air balloons’ role in a civil war

Hot air balloons are quite useful in the civil war and are used to spot enemy movements or artillery. It rises to thousands of feet and allows them to see the activities at a far-off distance. It provides a lot of crucial and significant information to win a battle. The balloonist provides intel through telegraph and signal flags. It was one of the essential sources for the unions to win battles during the civil war.

  • A superstitious thought started the champagne drinking tradition

Champagne drinking is a popular tradition and it is common to participate in balloonist prayer before taking flight and toast with a champagne glass. The story behind a traditional celebration is that – at the time hot air balloon tests were performed, the local farmers were not happy seeing a big balloon in their field. They were afraid that balloons were dragons that came from the sky and would pose danger.

Since Montgolfier brothers wanted to continue their experiments, they started offering champagne to the farmers in whosoever land balloons tend to land.

  • Enjoy the thrilling experience of the glass base of a hot air balloon

Sometimes, flying up in the sky and watching everything down your feet from a certain height can be nerve-wracking. However, hot air balloon ride will surely keep things at ease. In fact, some may find it thrilling to see the distance between your feet and the ground through the transparent glass. You should book your tickets after enquiring about the Melbourne hot air balloon prices.


Hot air balloons are unable to fly in the rain as it makes the balloon heavy. Similarly, rainwater can cool down the top of the balloon which can be difficult to control. Hot air balloon rides in Melbourne are reserved for sunny days and clear weather. It is safe and secure for the passengers and allows them to sight beautiful landscapes from height. You can enjoy ballooning over Melbourne on clear sunny days or book an early morning ride with your family or friends.



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