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Some Life-Saving Tips on How to Take Care of Incontinent Person!

Incontinence is something that most people look towards with eyes of pity. Because the condition roams around the reproductive organs, many consider it as a sign of weakness. However, people think so plainly because of lack of knowledge about it. It is the basic thought that prevails in the Kingdom Animalia! But we humans have a tendency to look beyond. We know that it is merely a condition that has many causes and could be treated. This also affects the emotional health of the care-taker of the incontinent person. Buying quality products ( is necessary. You may shop now some. But there is much that the incontinent person might need from you. Here are a few ways in which you can support your emotional health and that of the other person.

How to take care of an incontinent person!

The cart that runs on the healing path has two wheels. One wheel signifies medical care and treatment and the other wheel signifies emotional support. Both these wheels are important. Remove one and you’ll end up circling just one spot.

Always keep adequate supplies around!

Incontinence supplies do not actually treat the condition, but instead help you deal with it. The supplies you would want to show now and keep around are,

  • Incontinent diapers and pants (
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Disposable bags or any dustbin around
  • Hand gloves in case you are the one cleaning the person.
  • Shop now some hand sanitizers
  • Certain prescribed medications by the doctor

This is not all. If the person is also suffering from any other condition like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc. then you would want to keep the medicines related to it too. It might come hard at first but soon your brain will adapt to the situation and things will become easier for you.

Always keep patience and empathy around!

Patience and empathy is the key. Suffering from a condition never feels good, and to get treated badly feels worse even. Put yourself into the place of that person and then imagine the way you’d want to get helped. It’ll not only help the other person buy also help you grow on an emotional level. Read books about empathy and how you can practice it.

Know that things will not be easier for you. Acceptance helps you get over half the work. When we feel that we have persons we can rely upon in the tough times, our confidence grows and anxiety lowers even further. This increased confidence boosts the healing process. Never make the person feel that the person is inferior in any sense, for it is not so. Incontinence fades away by time through help. Shop some but make sure the person does not become diaper dependent. Ask the person to use the bathroom even when there is a diaper on. It will help him/her gain the control back and learn to urinate by will, just as a child does.

If the patient is suffering from some neurological disorder like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Autism, etc. then support accordingly. Keep the person close to the bathroom as much as possible. It’ll help them reach it in time.

For your own health, join a support group and take professional external help regarding caretaking. Your own emotional health is as important as the person before. If you are not well, the incontinent person will not be well too.

Doctors are as important as your own self!

Doctors can guide you to a level. It is important. But there are things that only you can do. So the first step is to take the advice of the doctor. If medication and certain things are recommended, shop now those.

  • Don’t provide the person with diuretic drinks ever.
  • Train the person to perform some Kegel exercise. Take professional help if needed.
  • Ask the person to practice yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and do it for your own self too.
  • Always keep the environment light with humor. Humor is the best medicine that costs nothing. When the body is at joy, diseases go away.
  • Treat other underlying conditions like obesity, infection, diabetes, etc. Try bringing the lifestyle towards goodness.
  • Always buy quality products. Take these for example – . Shop now if your supply is already down.
  • Always keep a diary to take notes of frequency, behavior, and other necessary things.


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