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Advantages of Retirement Villages

Have you been considering downsizing your home?

It might happen in life that you believe your home does not support your family’s lifestyle. Moreover, maintaining the house and the garden space might become a taxing task given your health.

All of this indicates the need to move into a supportive environment. The answer to all these problems is a retirement village.

Selling your current house and moving out of it is an overwhelming task. Before moving into a retirement village Canberra, take time to carefully weigh your options.

What is a Retirement Village?

Retirement villages are built for older people, offering them plenty of practical benefits. They give aged people a sense of community and security. With all the amenities they offer, the residents can focus on enjoying some quality time with their loved ones.

Almost 5.7% of the Australian population over the age of 65 live in retirement villages. People live in retirement villages for reasons such as reduced mobility, increased dependency, and increased social contact with same-aged people.

Advantages of Living in a Retirement Village


Retirement villages have a very sophisticated and solid security system. From cameras in front of all gates and full-time guards on duty, you and your home will always be safe. Furthermore, emergency services are always available and accessible in case of emergency. Usually, regular homes where one lives with their families do not have so many services.


Besides security, most retirement villages in Canberra offer a host of facilities – swimming pools, a golf course, gaming areas, gyms, communal theaters, salons, etc.

As per the general standard, all of these facilities are usually included in your fee.

Reduces Isolation

As per research, 1 out of 5 old-aged Australians is affected by isolation. It undoubtedly adversely impacts their mental health and creates a risk of them falling into depression.

Retirement villages are designed in a way to compensate for this feeling of isolation. They do so by providing them with a community of similar-aged people. As a retirement village resident, you can interact with the other residents through so many activities.

Low Maintenance

The most significant benefit of living in retirement villages is downsizing to a unit that requires very little maintenance. Since the properties are small, they are easy to maintain. Moreover, you can also ask for house help at a minimum cost to assist with maintenance.

As for the gardens, the management takes care of all the garden areas within the retirement village.


With age, one needs assistance to get even basic household tasks such as laundry and vacuuming done. A significant benefit of retirement villages is that they provide the facility of restaurants and community dining areas. Therefore, you do not have to cook a hot meal every single day.

If you’re someone who needs extra assistance with basic chores such as bathing, these villages also offer daily assistance.

Peace of Mind

Retirement villages in Canberra offer peace of mind to the family and you due to their safety standards. From emergency buttons to railings in the kitchen and bathroom, a lot of safety features are available.

Wrapping Up

Retirement villages in Canberra are essentially a form of independent living within a gated community and extra support.

The format of these retirement villages is designed in a way to let you enjoy the joys of a community. All of it without worrying about maintenance, cleaning, and cooking!



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