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Tips for Styling a Cowboy Hat in Unique Ways to Get Noticed

Although no one knows the exact date when humans started wearing hats, ancient relics such as a tomb artwork discovered in Egypt clearly depict a man wearing a straw hat. We aren’t here to discuss the history of hats, but their popularity has risen dramatically over the last decade. Hats have long been used as a fashion item by men and women to enhance their looks. Fashion lovers find it too exciting to include a hat as a styling accessory with their outfits.

Cowboy hats are worn by wranglers and ranchers for several reasons. They give them shade, comfort, protection from the outdoor elements, for fanning a fire and waving at fellow cattlemen from their horses. But what about you? If you are a ranger, we do not doubt that you know how to carry your cowboy hat. But you do not need to be a rancher to flaunt the western headpiece. You’ll put it on because you wish to. It will enhance your image with the correct styling tips. And this article will show you the way.

Choose the right hat style

Choosing the right hat style is like choosing the right weapon for war. Yes, it can make or break your appearance. There are a plethora of cowboy hats to choose from. Think yourself to be Harry Potter, who is on the lookout for the wand that will seal your fate. There are several sizes and designs to choose from, including the gambler, the cattleman, the pinched front, the brick, the derby, and more recent variations. Do not hesitate to try out the different hat styles when you visit a hat store. You will soon find the one that will create an impressionable look whenever you wear it.

Felt hats are more formal, whereas straw hats are more casual. Look for something that will not overshadow your personality rather will accentuate your facial structure. While buying, pay attention to the details like the hatbands, buckle, and crystal embellishments! It will help you to find the right type of hat.

Ignore the cynics

People will be there to find faults with whatever you do. Asking others if you should buy a cowboy hat can get you a negative response, and you may hear them use a comment like “all hat, no cattle” and “lumbersexual”. They are mistaken. You may add personality without going overboard. A cowboy hat conveys confidence, toughness, and independence. You have to own it to know it.

Languages of the brim

The brims of western hats speak their own language, so make sure you’re expressing what you mean. A straight brim suggests a straightforward attitude. If you tip it down over your eye, it gives you a somber and mysterious appearance. You may give yourself a mischievous look by tilting your cowboy hat to the side, but be careful – people could believe you’re hunting for romance or trouble. If you don’t want to look too friendly, don’t raise the brim too high.

Dress strategically

If you are not a Texan, you will never want to go overboard with western clothing. Else, you’ll end up looking dressed up for a barn-themed party. Your attire should match the hat. A basic white T-shirt layer is always a safe bet. If you want to wear boots, stay away from anything overly cowboy. Solids, flannels, plaids, and sweaters – all pair well with a cowboy hat!

For more formal occasions, pair your cowboy hat with a jacket for a unique look.  If you’re wearing it with jeans, the only option is a straight leg, with no decorations that could distract from the intended showstopper piece. Avoid jeans that have –

  • Flares
  • Cuffs
  • Skinny legs
  • Beach stains
  • Floods
  • Low riders
  • Stonewash

Know where to draw a line

Let your common sense guide you to decide when too much is actually way too much. So, adopt the attitude of “less is more“. Trust it, and you will never go wrong with that. Every western accessory is so bold that when you try to wear them all together, it makes you look like a character out of a theatre. As a first-time wearer, you may want to avoid –

  • Studs
  • Fringe
  • Chaps
  • Dusters
  • Mullets

You may also want to avoid statement belts as they, too, make you look overtly dressed when teamed with a western hat.

Some etiquette to follow

Some etiquette must be followed while wearing this western piece. Never touch anyone’s hat without the owner’s permission. That is considered rude. When you enter a building, remember to take it off. When you sit down at a table to have a meal, you are expected to remove the hat unless you cannot find an appropriate place to keep it. The same should be done while praying and saying the pledge. Remove it while conversing with an elder. Other than these basic things, you are free to wear them in any public place.


Grab a hat that suits you right. Then it’s all about how you talk and walk. To get the real western feel, you have to adopt manners that befit the hat.



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