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10 Reasons to Move to Melbourne

Melbourne city is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria and is located on the southern coast. It is has a population of over five million people, making it the second-most populous city in Australia. Melbourne city has attracted people from all over the world, who have traveled to make the city their home.

However, it can be challenging to get a Visa to temporally or permanently move to Melbourne city. If you want to avoid mistakes, you can hire migration agents such as the Australian Immigration Agency, which has a team of registered migration agents who will assist and provide professional advice to those interested in Australian residency and Visa applications.

Here are some of the reasons Melbourne is the best city to move to.

1. Employment opportunities

Melbourne has a robust economy, and it is the home of some of Australians’ largest organizations such as; ANZ and NAB, Australian big four banks, Ford, Holden and Toyota, and BPH Billions. Whatever skills you have, you are guaranteed to land a job in the city.

Australia was among the first countries to introduce 40 hours work week, and it pays the highest minimum wage globally.

2. Climate

Australia is known to have one of the most unpredictable weather; however, Melbourne city has one of the best climates. You can enjoy warm to hot summers, cool winters, and temperate spring and autumn weather. If you are looking for a place to enjoy the weather, Melbourne is the best destination since you will enjoy the weather.

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3. Safety

Melbourne is a safe city to live in and offers personal safety, health safety, and digital security. There are relatively low crime rates, and offenses such as theft are not heavily reported. It was recognized by Safe Cities Index 2019 as one of the safest cities in the world. It was ranked safer than other bigger cities such as London and New York due to the consistency of safety in all areas.

4. Education

Melbourne city has some of the best schools in Australia, which offer good programs taught by highly qualified teachers. It also has some of the best universities, such as Melbourne University and La Trobe University, so if you are a student looking for a city in Australia to further your education, Melbourne is one of the best student cities in the world.

5. Perfect for sports lovers

Melbourne is a perfect city for sports fanatics due to its world-class sports facilities, which host events such as Australian Grand Prix and Melbourne Cup. Some of these facilities found in the city are The iconic Albert Park, Flemington Racecourse, and Melbourne Park.

6. Culture and arts

Melbourne has vibrant arts and culture scenes and events which make the city lively since there is something to discover every day. It has cultural sites such as galleries, museums, and heritage, and this is why the city is referred to as Australia’s cultural capital. Some of the significant art spaces found in the town are the National Gallery of Victoria, ACMI, and Federation Square.

7. Diversity

Melbourne has some of the friendliest people who are always ready to help. They are welcoming to all people irrespective of their background and diversity. You do not have to worry about fitting in if you want to move to Melbourne.

It is one of the most diverse and inclusive communities worldwide, with more than 50,000 people born from different countries and cultures.

8. Food and coffee

Melbourne is the right place to live if you are a coffee lover. Melbourne cafes are known to make some of the best coffee globally due to their rich café culture. Melbourne has one of the most delicious food due to its cultural inclusivity. Some of the most famous dishes in the city are hot jam doughnuts and Chinese dumplings, making you not be homesick.

9. Clean environment

Melbourne has a clean environment that is healthy and safe for people living in the city. Melbourne’s CBD has extensive green public parkland, and the town also has a beach which is a suitable place for swimming and relaxing. There is no pollution in the city, and people enjoy fresh air, access to quality fresh produce, and clean drinking water.

10. Great housing and infrastructure

Melbourne has one of Australia’s best high-quality telecommunications infrastructure, good roads, and robust IT infrastructure. It has built an extensive train and bus network, which are helpful when you are going to your everyday routine. The city also has many suburbs, such as Yarraville and Seddon, which are safe and secure to live in

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