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Types Of Digital Torque Tools Available in The Market

These days, every tool has become so easy to use. One need not worry about applying extra manpower to carry out menial work such as fastening a bolt or a nut. There are multiple types of torque tools available in the market. Initially, these torque tools required extra muscle effort by a person. However, today all these tools are made to digitally apply torque. All one needs to do is to buy digital torque tools. Torque tools are ones that are used to apply considerable torque or force to tighten a screw or a bolt. The most common digital torque tool is the digital torque wrench.

Digital Torque Tools
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There are various types of digital wrenches available in the market. Here are a few:

Interchangeable Head Torque Wrenches:

This type of digital torque wrench is the most flexible to use. This implies that with the interchangeable adaptors available, one can use them for a variety of purposes. Be it tightening a screw which is really small and, in a corner, or a bolt which is quite large, one can effortlessly change the adaptor by detaching the ratchet head and bend it to one’s need. Visit for the latest craze on tech world today.

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Angled Digital Torque Wrench:

When force is applied on a bolt or a screw, along with the pressure, one also needs to consider the angle by which a force is applied. Angle is an important factor when one wants to apply maximum tension to a nut for fastening it. The angled digital torque wrench will carefully measure the angle that should be applied along with the degree of force on the nut, tightening it precisely. This one tool eradicates the effort required to tighten a bolt with a protractor, wrench, and angled gauge. All the effort is done by a single electric tool and above all, it is done accurately. It is usually used for fastening the screws of automobiles.

Dial Type Torque Wrench:

If one needs to apply a particular level of torque to a screw this is a perfect choice. This is one of the digital torque tools which is all about accuracy. It will not matter how the hands holding the wrench are placed. They are a little expensive and larger in size than the other wrenches available in the market. However, one can say that it is worth the price paid. It keeps a record of the torque applied on the nut. This assist to level the force applied on each screw.

Electronic Torque Wrench:

They, as the name suggested, are powered by electricity- usually an electric motor. These wrenches can be programmed to set restrictions on the maximum and the minimum force that can be applied to a bolt. They come with a lot of complimentary benefits as well. They with the help of sound alert or light alert indicate whether the level of torque needed has been achieved or not. They come with memory chips, which implies that one can keep a record or data of the torques that have been applied to date. This can be uploaded on a computer as well. Therefore, one can easily look for what measure of torque to apply.

Digital Torque Tools
Source: Shutterstock (Digital Torque Tools)

Hence, as stated in this short blog, it is obvious how using digital torque tools such as wrenches can not only help in the short run but helps in keeping fine data in the long run as well. It is nothing but beneficial to go for digital torque tools. These tools have not only made tasks effortless for man but also more accurate and detailed. However, a few things must be considered before purchasing digitals torque tools; like, material, warranty, memory, and grip. Once all these requirements are fulfilled, one should look for the best suited digital torque tools to serve their purpose.

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