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Trending Colors for a Modern Exterior House Makeover


If you’re bored of your home’s exterior, it may be time for a modern makeover! Spruce up the outside look of your house with some trending colours — giving your house an instantly refreshed appearance. This blog post will explore all the shades currently making waves in exterior design, from calming blues and ancient greens to bold terracottas and energetic yellows. So if you’re looking to make a change, read on and discover how these striking shades can transform the outside look of your home!

7 Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

Regarding modern exterior house makeovers, several colour trends have recently gained popularity. Here are some trending colours that you can consider for a modern exterior house makeover:

1. Cool Gray:

Cool Gray is a versatile exterior paint color that can add elegance and sophistication to any home. It offers a neutral yet refreshing look, making it an ideal choice for homes of various styles, from modern to traditional. Cool Gray has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its timeless appeal and ability to complement other colours. It also has the added benefit of reflecting heat from the sun, keeping your home cooler during warm summer months. When choosing an exterior paint color such as Cool Gray, it is essential to consider factors like lighting, surrounding scenery, and the mood you want to set for your house’s façade. With proper planning and execution, a Cool Gray exterior can provide your home with lasting beauty and curb appeal while increasing its value.

2. Crisp White:

A house with a crisp white exterior paint color is undeniably timeless and modern. The colour white exudes simplicity, elegance, and sophistication, giving your home a clean and bright look. It gives your house a refreshing vibe that makes it stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood. Additionally, white is incredibly versatile, making it easy to pair up and coordinate with other colours and decor. The trend of having a white exterior house is on the rise, and it is not hard to see why. It’s the perfect colour to achieve that clean and minimalistic look with a contemporary touch. White may seem like a simple colour, but the effect it can have on the overall look of your house can be truly transformative.

3. Earthy Neutrals:

Looking for a way to modernize the look of your house exterior? Why not try incorporating some earthy neutrals into your colour scheme? This fresh coat trend has been gaining popularity over the last few years for a good reason. Shades like warm beige and soft taupe create a natural and cozy aesthetic that immediately welcomes guests to your home. Plus, these colours are sleek and timeless – not to mention easy to match with your landscaping and decor. Whether you’re looking to revamp your current home or build a new one from scratch, opting for earthy neutrals is a smart choice that will make a lasting impression.

4. Bold Black:

Bold Black is a striking and modern exterior paint color that adds a touch of sophistication to any home. It creates a sense of depth and contrasts beautifully with lighter shades, such as white or beige. It shows off its dynamic demeanour even more when combined with bright accents, such as red or yellow. This striking hue goes well with numerous architectural styles ranging from contemporary to traditional homes. With the longevity and durability of black paint, it’s an excellent choice for homeowners who want their property’s exterior to remain stylish for years without succumbing to fashion trends. However, when selecting Bold Black or any bold paint color, it’s critical to consider the neighbourhood’s overall aesthetic and adhere to local regulations on exterior house painting.

5. Moody Blues:

The Moody Blues colour palette has taken the home design world by storm lately, particularly regarding modern exterior house colors. This trend features a range of blue and gray shades, evoking soothing, calming feelings that are perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere around your home. Whether you opt for a deep navy blue, a slate gray, a light blue-grey hue, or any blue undertones, this range of colors offers a chic, timeless look that can elevate your curb appeal instantly. Not only will your home stand out in the neighbourhood, but these moody blue-inspired shades can pair perfectly with various architectural styles, making them a versatile choice for any modern exterior renovation project. Give your home an on-trend upgrade, and consider incorporating this trend into your next home renovation!

6. Warm Grays:

Warm gray or light gray has become an increasingly popular color choice for exterior home paint because of their ability to create a timeless and sophisticated appeal. These shades possess the perfect balance of warm and cool tones, which exudes richness and softness at the same time. It provides a calming effect on the viewer’s eyes while accentuating the architectural details of your abode. Warm grays blend seamlessly with various colors, including pale pinks, earthy green, or deep navy blue accents. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, warm gray paint with high-quality pigments are also durable against weathering and damage caused by sunlight. By investing in this colour scheme, homeowners can enhance their home’s curb appeal while providing long-term protection for their property’s exterior.

7. Natural Greens:

When it comes to the exterior colors of your home, choosing the right colours is an important decision. Luckily, the current trend is leaning towards natural greens that can do wonders for your curb appeal. Think rich emeralds, soft sage greens, and even deep forest hues. Not only do these colours add a touch of modern elegance to your home, but they also blend beautifully with the natural surroundings. Whether you’re looking to update the look of your home or want to make it stand out on the block, embracing the natural green trend is an easy and stylish way to do so.

Remember that the final colour choice should consider various factors, such as the architectural style of the house, the surrounding environment, and personal preferences. It’s a good idea to obtain colour samples and test them on your home’s exterior before deciding how they appear in different lighting conditions. Consulting professionals for some ideas is also a good help for your decision. If you live around Australia, Painters In Brisbane can be the best to look for.


Which colour combinations work best for modern homes?

When it comes to colour combinations for modern homes, there are several options. First and foremost, neutral colours such as white, beige, grey or black are often used as the base. These colours provide a clean and contemporary look that can be complemented with bright pops of colour or bold patterns. Another popular colour combination is a monochromatic palette that includes shades of the same hue. This creates depth and dimension in space while maintaining a cohesive look. For those who prefer more daring colours, complementary colours such as blue and orange or green and pink can create an eye-catching contrast. Regardless of the colour scheme chosen, staying consistent throughout the home for maximum impact is important.

How can homeowners ensure that their chosen colours complement their home’s features and design elements?

Choosing the right colours for your home can make all the difference in creating a stunning and inviting abode. However, ensuring that your chosen colours complement your home’s features and design elements can be challenging. One approach you can take is to look for inspiration in your surroundings. Take cues from nature, whether it’s the colours of your garden or the land around your home. Another strategy is to consider the style and architecture of your home. If you have a modern home, bold and bright colours that create contrast may do the trick, while earthy tones and neutrals will suit a more traditional style. Ultimately, the secret to successful colour selection lies in balancing personal taste and appropriate design choices that enhance your home’s look and feel. So take your time, choose wisely, and enjoy the transformation!


Consider changing the exterior paint colour to keep your home updated and modern. Most important is finding something you’ll be happy with; don’t select a trendy hue simply because it’s popular. Pick something timeless you know you’ll love all year round, something that accurately captures the essence of your home and complements the surrounding environment. Take some time to weigh your options and discover what colour works best for you! Pick something light and refreshing, like mint blue or rustic and dramatic, like navy blue. The right paint shade can turn a dull exterior into a beautiful outdoor showpiece. With these trending colors, your home will surely wow everyone who passes by!

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