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Tips To Get The Best Price On Private Jets

A private jet experience is one you will never forget. Whether you just need to take a short trip to another city or you plan a longer trip to the other side of the country, you have the chance to fly in the lap of luxury. Many people assume that private charters are outside of their budgets and simply look for basic flights. While the flying charter is more expensive, it often costs less than you might expect. Check out some basic tips on how to get the best prices on private jets.

Book in Advance

Nearly three million passengers fly on planes every day. Do you think that they all waited until the last minute to book their tickets? Though some claim you can find big deals if you wait to book your flight, you also risk paying more than you expected because the flight sells out. To save on private jets, book as far in advance as possible. Many charters offer cheaper flights early in the year and increase their prices around major holidays and during the busy travel season. Try to book your flight at least a few months ahead of time.

Look for Empty Leg Flights

Have you ever wondered what happens to planes on one-way trips? The answer is an empty leg flight. An empty leg flight is one that has few passengers or none at all. A good example is a flight that someone books from one city to the next. While the person who booked it pays for the cost of getting the plane to their destination, they do not pay for the cost to get that plane back to its original destination. You can often save money when you agree to pay some of the costs of returning the plane on an empty leg flight.

Consider Various Airports

When you need a Van Nuys private jet charter or a charter to another city, you’ll likely look for planes that fly out of your closest city. This limits your options though because you can only book from charters that operate out of that airport. Try to expand your searches to include airports within an hour or two of your home. Even if you have to drive three hours, the money you spend on gas is often less than you would pay to book a flight from a closer airport.

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Choose the Right Time

Have you ever visited California or Florida in the middle of the summer and found huge crowds around every corner? During the busy travel season, destinations see tons of tourists come through every day. If you want to save on the cost of a private jet, find out when the busy season is and book your trip outside of those dates. Many people head to Hawaii around the holidays because they want to enjoy Christmas on the beach. You can usually save quite a bit when you plan your trip just a few weeks outside the popular dates.

Plan a Group Trip

Renting a private jet is expensive because you usually need to cover the cost of the flight to your destination. Even if you only need two seats, the company still needs to hire a crew to operate the plane and pay for gas and maintenance. If you call around and get some high quotes, consider taking a group trip. Instead of paying all of the costs yourself, you divide the costs equally among everyone on the flight. Now is a good time to plan a family reunion in a different state or get your friends to take a vacation together. You should try to fill every seat on the flight to save the most money.

Flying private does not always cost as much as you expect. These flights come with tons of benefits, too. You don’t need to get to the airport hours ahead of time or worry about losing your seat because the airline overbooked your flight. While private jets are often expensive, there are tons of ways you can bring down the cost. Consider flying out of different airports, changing the dates of your trip, or booking an empty leg flight to save money.



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