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Checklist for Traveling After COVID-19

With the restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic coming to an end, many people are wondering what travel will look like in the future. As countries slowly begin to reopen their borders we’re all eager to start travelling again! However, there are still some risks involved in travel during this time. Here are some tips to prepare for travelling after COVID-19:

Planning Your Trip

As the world starts to open up again after COVID-19, travelling is going to look a little different from the way we once knew it. Here’s what you should keep in mind as you start planning your very long-awaited trips:

  1. Deciding where you want to go – Consider your budget and what kind of trip you want to take. Many different travel destinations offer a variety of experiences, so make sure these align with what kind of travel you’re into.
  2. Avoid high-risk countries – The Smart Traveller website is a great resource. You want to make sure it’s safe to go to your chosen location and that there aren’t any restrictions in place that would impact your trip. There are still many places in the world where COVID-19 is very prevalent. It’s best to avoid travelling to these high-risk areas if you can.
  3. Check entry requirements for your destination – Make sure to check the latest entry requirements for your chosen destination. These may have been changed since the pandemic. For example, some countries may require a negative PCR test before allowing entry.
  4. Start researching the best time to visit –  This will depend on things like the weather and the local tourist season. You can also get your hands on some great deals on flights and accommodation during off-peak times.
  5. Be flexible with your dates and itinerary – This will give you more options and make it easier to find affordable rates. It’s also a good idea to have a backup plan in case your first choice isn’t available or is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  6. Get tested before travelling – Getting tested for COVID-19 before and after your trip can help reduce the spread of the virus.
  7. Don’t forget about important documents – Visas or vaccinations that may be required for your destination. Make sure you allow plenty of time to get these sorted before you travel.
  8. Don’t forget travel insurance – Get travel insurance with coverage for events related to COVID-19.
  9. Learn another language – One great way to enhance your travel experience is to learn the local language. Not only will it help you communicate with the locals, but it will also allow you to understand and appreciate the culture more deeply. With online resources, you can learn a language from anywhere, making it a perfect activity to do while waiting for your trip. Take advantage of this opportunity and immerse yourself in a new language before your next adventure.

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Packing For Your Trip

  1. Bring plenty of face masks and hand sanitiser – Make sure to use them regularly, especially when you’re in public spaces.
  2. Pack light so that you don’t have to touch too much luggage while travelling. This will help reduce the risk of exposure to germs.
  3. Choose clothes that can be easily washed and dried so that you can clean them if necessary during your trip.

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During Your Trip

  1. Follow all health and safety guidelines – During your trip, be sure to follow all local health and safety guidelines in place regarding COVID-19. This may include wearing a face mask when required, washing your hands often, and maintaining social distancing whenever possible.
  2. Avoid crowded places – One of the best ways to reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19 is by avoiding crowds wherever possible during your trip. If an attraction or activity seems too crowded, try finding another option that has fewer people around.
  3. Enjoy yourself! – Remember, even though things may be different now, travelling is still an amazing experience. With a little preparation, you can rest easy knowing that you’re taking all the necessary precautions and enjoying every minute of your trip!

As the world starts to open up again after COVID-19, many of us are looking forward to travelling once again. Keep these things in mind and happy travels!



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