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Steamy September in Dubai; Weather & Events 2021

Dubai, another name of adventure, happiness, joy, exploration, expedition and prosperity, in intent to vacation. Dubai is a cultural and Islamic place, they commemorate all their cultural and religious events with great passion and joy but every cultural event comes at a specific time and once or twice a year.

That’s why to amuse the visitors they organize a lot of occasions and events in every season and month as well. September is entirely a busy month in connotation of work. School and colleges are back to make routine more active.

As the weather during September is incredibly hot but places and events are arranged fully in accordance to weather and climate. We are here to guide you about the weather and events taking place in Dubai, 2021. Then you have to choose between the temporary hot temperature or the permanent bundle of beautiful and exciting memories.

During September many exciting events are arranged according to the taste of their tourists. They know how to catch the heart of their guests. That’s why all the arrangements are full of attractions. Take care least you have to regret later losing this opportunity. mind it when we are spending our time well, this time does not affect the cold and heat on us. We have to focus on our happiness.

Here we describe all about the weather conditions and thrilling events also, taking place during September, 2021.


On an average day Dubai’s temperature is about 39.2°c but sometimes we are shocked when August’s temperature remains constant till September. We suppose that  temperature c9mes to normal with the upcoming month but sometimes a bit of change to our expectations occurs. Here we discussed about the September temperature rate ;

  • The average rate of temperature of the month is about 33°c
  • Sometimes, high as maximum 45.1°c
  • Occasionally, drips at night almost about 28°c

Due to the increase of humidity rate we are supposed to think the temperature is hotter than August. So the main thing we have to focus on is the humidity level. Even days are clear from rain in September.

Special events in September, 2021

Some exciting and adventurous events take place in Dubai every season and month just as some audacious and fascinating events are arranged in the month of September . All of us need functions and events to enjoy the time in an adventurous way.

You all just need to make a call, rent a car for a month to make it simple and comfortable to enjoy all the events of the month because you are free to move.

Here we mention some of the events are taking place;

1. Inclassica

It is the biggest international music festival. The people who have a space of love for classical music must avail themselves of the chance of happiness. As we know music always relaxes our mind not all the day but some moments of our life must share with the musical world .Musicians show their passion and devotion through the performance.

It is the world’s most  established platform that gives chances to musicians to show their talent and shine. As it is a big day for musicians, it is also a source of entertainment. This festival is taking place at Dubai opera and Coca-Cola arena, from 28th of August to 26th of September, 2021.

2. Mamma Mia

It is a great time for the fans of Mamma Mia to go to Dubai for the sake of great enjoyment. Mamma Mia is a smash-hit  musical that has become the 8th longest-running show and hit the record for 14 years of the run.

It is always liked by people. If you go and attend it, you will become a big fan of Mamma Mia. No doubt it will be a hit show at Dubai opera, from 13th to 15th of September, 2021.

3. Saudi national day

As we know the national day of every nation means a lot to them, but if your love once or another nation adds to it makes you feel so outstanding and proud. Dubai plays a big role in making their neighbours national day very special and unique.

This is a big colourful celebration, with balloons, fireworks, and lighting. As we know Burj Khalifa is the largest building in the world. They decorate it with lights and balloons in the debut to their beloved neighbour. It is such an exciting and wonderful time.

We suggest you never miss that beautiful and exam citing day on the 23rd of September, 2021.

4. Mantra and hates adventure racing

Most of the people are fans of sports, they enjoyed it more than anything else. Sports and games are also a very important part of a healthier mind and life.For the sports lovers never miss the chance of the mantra and Hatta adventure race on the 24th of September, 2021.

More activities during September

Apart from events, many other activities add much glamour and charm to the golden period of your vacation and make it more thrilling and exciting.

  • You can make it around on your luxury air conditioning yacht in Dubai marina
  • Enjoy the stage show le Perle at Habtoor city
  • Hit the city’s fun cafe and enjoy the delicious breakfast
  • Check out the water park because during summer there will be great gratification and pleasure.


Happiness, calmness, consensus, peace and comfort of mind and heart must be the first preference. No doubt, September is incredibly hot due to the humidity level but many exciting events are waiting for you.

A month full of glamour, joy, fun and uncountable beautiful and precious memories of your vacation. We are here to guide you as all the events taking place at different places and times, all you need is a phone, make a call to Rent a Car Dubai to make yourself able to move freely according to your mood and needs. Must avail the offer, 500aed  per month for car rental. In a very reasonable offer a huge pack of facilities.



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