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Solar Panel Electricity Production in Wollongong

Solar panels are designed to provide efficient electricity free of cost to reduce hefty electricity bills at month’s end. You can reduce the amount through the installation of solar panels at your home. These panels are more effective and beneficial in hotter regions. Electricity production and performance of solar panels depend on multiple factors like quality, number of panels, correct installation and maintenance. All these factors combined make the solar panel efficient for producing the expected amount of electricity. The solar in Wollongong receives 4.6 hours of radiation and produces 3.9 kWh of electricity in 1 kW of the solar panel at an efficiency rate of about 85%.

Most solar panels in residential properties produce a nominal amount of electricity for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. A solar system of about 4 kW produces 16 kWh of electricity per day only with the suitable location, installation, and weather conditions applied. There is an electricity consumption of about 15 – 20 kWh per day in Australia. Solar panel energy of about 500 – 550 kWh is consumed by Australians per year.

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  • Rebates on solar panels in Wollongong

Financial benefits and returns compel you to install solar panels at your residential or commercial property. You can consult with a knowledgeable and experienced solar installer or dealer to know the current prevailing rates provided to the customers of your area.

STC (Small-scale Technology Certificate) rebates are financial incentives that can reduce the purchase price of solar panels on the Central Coast. It helps in reducing the stress and financial burden on the house owner. The feed-in tariff is the other form of financial incentive provided to the customers. It is an agreement between the customer and the solar retailer to feed excess energy to your grid. The excess energy can be utilised at times of need when the sun doesn’t shine to provide direct sunlight to the panels.

  • Factors deciding solar energy production

Solar panels in Wollongong inculcate certain factors that affect solar energy production. You can avoid the occurrence of such factors and improve the efficiency of solar panels.

  • Location and weather conditions – The location or region affects the working condition and performance of your solar panels. It requires sunlight for better energy production and if the weather continues to change, you can notice a decline in the performance of solar panels.
  • Shading – Ensure that any other heightened objects shouldn’t be located near your solar panels. It may reflect shade on your solar panel at any particular time of the day. You should avoid installing your solar panels near tall objects.
  • Cleanliness – Generally, solar surfaces are exposed to the external atmosphere in which dust, dirt, debris, and dry leaves are always present. When the dust, dirt, birdy shit and dry leaves accumulate over the solar panel surface, it tends to provide less energy. Its energy production gets directly affected as the solar panels are unable to absorb sufficient sunlight.
  • Maintenance – Upkeep and maintenance of the solar panels is the initial requirement of solar panels. You can contact the best professionals and get your solar panels in Central Coast NSW inspected properly.

Experts can detect potential problems or issues with the panels easily and repair them at their initial damaging stage. It increases the durability and lifespan of your solar panels.



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