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Know why your website ranking is dropped on search engine

When Google rankings drop, your traffic moves downward. And when your website traffic drops, your business heads down. Therefore, it is vital to find out these causes as soon as possible and fix them in order to avoid a sudden drop.

Let’s check some of the reasons to know why your website ranking is dropped:

1. Data accuracy

While dealing with ranking and traffic drops, one of the main things you have to check twice is the data accuracy. Ensure you are not on the wrong path and missing a particular piece of data for a specific page type, device, or time span.

You can avoid this issue by hiring a professional SEO service Melbourne as these professionals help you easy to discover and prevent such issues in the future.

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2. Server overload

Do you know what server overload is? If your server can’t take the website load, it slows down the website and loses the visitors. In this manner, your website rankings drop and increase the bounce rate.


3. Page speed

About 47% of users need web pages to load within two seconds or even in less time. The more pop-ups, files, and images you load on your page, the more time it takes to load.

Consider that the page speed is not just a ranking factor; it also influences user experience. So, you need to check the speed issues with Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

You can also apply some techniques to improve your website speed:

  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Defer JavaScript loading
  • Minimize time to first byte
  • Reduce server response time
  • Enable browser caching
  • Reduce image sizes
  • Use CDN again
  • Optimize CSS delivery
  • Prioritize lazy loading
  • Reduce external scripts and redirects
  • Monitor mobile page speed
  • Minimize the number of plugins on your website
  • Use asynchronous loading for JavaScript and CSS files


4. Off-page negative SEO

Generally, negative SEO is aimed to decrease competitors’ website rankings in SERP. However, these activities harm your website and decrease its ranking on search engines in the long run.

Irrelevant link building and scraped content is another form of negative SEO technique. If Google finds your content spun or copied from another source, it may de-rank or penalize your website. You should upload unique and error-free content on your website.


5. Google updates

Have you ever pointed out a decrease in rankings? Make sure it is not due to another Google update. Find the updated news on top websites such as Search Engine Land, SEJ, Search Engine Roundtable, etc.

The thing to notice here is that some updates are minor, and some are big so that the update will be accordingly. So, you need to update your website as per Google updates.

Indeed, no website is secured from Google’s algorithms changes; however, there is something you can do:

Regularly check the standard SEO forums to track significant Google updates.

  • Only utilize white hat SEO strategies
  • Focus on your users’ needs as well
  • Hire professional webmasters from an expert SEO company Melbourne to know what is going on with your website on search results.


6. Redirections

Redirections are the most common causes of a drop in rankings. Whenever you change the website structure or migrate to a new server, you should never forget to use 301 redirects. If you fail to do this, the search engine will not index your new website and its pages, or even it may penalize your site due to duplicate content.

It is not easy to discover website errors, mainly if it is sited solely on a single page. Detecting every page is time-consuming.

Moreover, it would be very costly for a business to run for long. To speed up discovering such errors, you should use the latest SEO tools and do website audits using OnCrawl, Serpstat, and other tools.


In a nutshell!

Getting a random drop in Google rankings is a painful experience, especially when you work hard to achieve the required position. You should focus on the required causes that help you sustain your ranking on search results.

Plan for a long-term result and work accordingly to meet your business goals. We hope this article will help you know the causes of your website ranking drop on search results.




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