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Important Factors to Discuss With a Plumber at the Time of Hiring

Clogged drains and leaking pipes are pretty common in every house these days. With such significant concerns, it is always advised to call up a plumber and rectify the defects at your place.

Otherwise, if you don’t wish to call in a plumber; you should keep a check at your water line from time to time. But, again, the plumbing experts often have a challenging time making things work properly, and the users shouldn’t have done those things and experiments.

Let us discuss ten things that can keep the plumber away or make their job easy.

The Top 10 Advises From A Plumber:

  • Stop Flushing Everything –

    The toilet is not a garbage bag that one should dump everything and flush. Flushing sanitary napkins or latex contraceptives can block the bathroom. Similarly, toilet scrubbers or cleaning wipes do not flush out easily. They are hard and can block the drain connected to the toilet. Plastics are also one of the items that should not be flushed as they are not bio-degradable. These items can block the joints and the pipes somewhere down and make a mess making it difficult for the plumber to identify the exact location of the blockage.

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  • Do Not Use Chemicals –

    Grease and hairs are one of the causes of clogging drains. Many people use readymade chemicals to get rid of them. These are strong and harsh chemicals. They may clean the toilet but damages the pipeline inviting more trouble.

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  • Avoid Using Drop-In Fresheners –

    Although the drop-in fresheners make the toilet smell good and change the watercolor, they can end up delivering you unsatisfactory output in some cases.

  • Do Not Try DIY Techniques–

    If you do not have any idea or tools for plumbing, do not act as a plumber to rectify the leaks or tighten the pipe joints or replace the taps. It may worsen and be a costly affair after calling a professional failing t do such things yourself.

  • Do Not Fiddle With The Main Water Valve –

    Turn on and off the main water valve frequently can damage its seal and make it leak-prone. Avoid tampering with the main valve as it is of significant importance for the water supply for the entire house.

  • Stop Using Old Water Heaters –

    Old water heaters often cause trouble and can be a source of electrical short circuits. Therefore, one should replace the old water heaters and geysers to cut down the energy bills and avoid leakages and other electrical problems.

  • Fiddling With the Pressure Valve –

    It is not a good idea to drain the water heater or test the pressure valve and temperature without professional help. Any work without professional service can cause serious accidents and can even burn someone with hot water.

  • Avoid Overloading The Garbage Disposal –

    The garbage disposal should not be overloaded, and one should not force things inside it. Force-feeding the garbage disposal can clog the drains.

  • Do Not Hesitate To Replace The Hoses –

    Rubber hoses have a certain lifespan. Therefore, it is best to replace them at regular intervals and that too with stainless steel hoses to avoid leaks.


Clogged drains and leaking pipes can be undoubtedly a nightmare for all. In case o plumbing-related severe problems, it is advised not to try out DIY techniques and hire a plumber without further delay. Avoid becoming a plumber yourself and follow the advice of professionals to get complete peace of mind.



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