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6 Amazing tips for Gas Heater Owners

Australian winters are fast approaching, and everyone is busy getting their homes winter-ready. And one of the very first steps in this direction is either buying a new gas heater or looking for a gas heater service to service the existing one at home.

Whatever your case is, we have some amazing gas heater safety tips for you. You’ll also learn about the advantages of servicing your gas heaters on a regular basis.

So, let’s begin without further delay.

The 6 Amazing Tips

Having some expert tips might save you from running into gas heater-related issues. It may also help you in buying gas heaters wisely.

Whether you’re buying a new gas heater or having your old one serviced, the following tips will come in handy. Have a look-

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1. Always Check Gas Heater Certification.

This tip is for people who are planning to buy new gas heaters. However, old gas heater owners can also verify the same.

Australian Gas Association gives certification to gas heaters to indicate that they meet current emission standards. Hence, your shortlisted or bought heater isn’t safe if it isn’t certified.

2. Ensure ventilations

Ensure that the permanent ventilation openings of your heater aren’t obstructed. It may lead to improper function of the heater and health risks.

Moreover, if you have a flueless heater, ensure to keep the room well ventilated.

3. Remember to turn it off.

Winters can be freezing, and you might feel like keeping your home warm all day. However, leaving the gas heater on for long hours can not only impact the energy bill but also increase the risk of a mishap.

4. Install it in the right place

If you have pets or children at home, make sure to install the gas heater at the appropriate height and place. Otherwise, it will constantly expose your little ones and fur babies to danger.

5. Keep a check on detectors.

You must keep a check on your smoke and carbon monoxide emission detectors. And in case you notice something weird, contact the gas heater service company.

However, if you don’t have these detectors already, ensure to buy them soon.

6. Ensure regular service

You cannot ignore the importance of regular gas heater service.

Make sure to get it serviced every year if your heater is old and every second year if it’s new.

Benefits of servicing your gas heater regularly

Gas heater service has many benefits like increased durability, keeping warranty valid, etc. However, we have listed only the most compelling ones for you, have a look-

Reduced fire risks

It just takes a spark to set a home on fire if there is a gas leak. However, you can be sure that there isn’t any leakage by getting gas heater services on a regular basis.

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

Unserved gas heaters can leak harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. And carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death or severe health issues. However, regular servicing will ensure there aren’t any harmful gas leaks.

Save on energy bills.

A poorly functioning gas heater can multiply your energy bills. However, the heater repair professional will perform any necessary repairs and maintenance to ensure that your heater is functioning correctly. And this will help you save money on your energy costs by making your gas heater more energy efficient.

Summing It Up

Gas heaters are helpful equipment, but they can be harmful if not properly maintained. As a result, it’s critical to check the safety and functionality of gas heaters on a frequent basis.

Make sure to follow the advice given above to stay safe this winter.



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