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5 Ways To Use Technology In Your Small Business

Without a doubt, the advent of technology has reshaped our way of living. From entertainment to social interaction to the way we work- everything has changed. Earlier, businesses around the globe were confined geographically, strategically, and financially. But now, with the integration of technology, all these limitations have vanished.

In today’s world, where so many businesses are operating globally, running a small business is a daunting task. It’s not just because of the fierce competition among businesses but also how effectively you utilize your business resources. In this regard, technology could be the key to success. Effective communication, managing and securing data, developing business strategies, and utilization of resources are several benefits of using technology to maintain a competitive advantage.

If you’ve always dreamt about running a flourishing business, then here are a few ways to utilize technology to your advantage.

Managing and securing data

Perhaps we would all agree that managing and securing data as a small business owner was a big challenge a few years ago. At that time, most business owners would use conventional ways to preserve data. Previously, maintaining physical records, files, and other paperwork seemed like the only possible solution until the dawn of modern technology.

With the introduction of the internet and the availability of numerous data management software, the conventional means of managing data went obsolete. Instead of keeping physical records, you can now keep data safe and secure using online cloud storage or data management software. Not only are these options more practical, but they are relatively simple and easy to access.

One thing to note is that online data management calls for professional expertise. Encouraging your employees to learn these skills through e-learning programs such as a master of data science online can prove extremely beneficial. These academic programs are carefully devised to equip working professionals with basic and advanced knowledge on how to manage data effectively. On top of that, these courses also allow people to learn numerous programming languages such as Python and Tableau. Hence, upskilling is a wise decision.

Effective communication

For any business to succeed, effective communication is key. This implies communication within the organization and external communication as well. Earlier, most of the internal communication within organizations occurred face to face. Similarly, we used letters and telegraphs to communicate outside the organization. Unfortunately, these communication modes were time-consuming, inefficient, and ineffective.

With the help of modern technology, you can turn the tide in your favor. Your smartphone could be your best companion when it comes to internal communication. Instead of approaching your peers, you can use text messaging apps, emails, or call them to deliver or receive information instantly. Likewise, you can connect and communicate online with others outside the organization through Skype or other social media platforms. However, the biggest benefit is that you can communicate remotely and instantly anywhere, regardless of vast geographical distances.

Developing business strategies

As a small business owner, it is vital to plan every move. Because of limited resources, the margin of error is very narrow for small businesses. Therefore, you need to be proactive when it comes to devising business strategies for your business. In the old days, small business owners relied on expert advice to develop business strategies for their businesses. Or they would simply follow in the footsteps of large and booming companies by adopting their strategies. In a nutshell, there wasn’t any systematic approach through which small business owners could strategize and implement business strategies.

While most small business owners would rely on short-term business strategies, the advent of modern technology changed things around. With the availability of modern tools and software, businesses were finally able to envision their long-term goals. Today, you can invest in modern software to monitor global business trends or perform a SWOT analysis to learn about your business strengths and weaknesses.

Utilization of business resources

For any business to succeed, it is essential to effectively manage and utilize your business resources. Whether it is human resources, or financial resources, using them wisely is key. Because small business owners have limited resources, things get tougher for them. But this is where the use of technology can come in handy.

Investing in ERP tools and software can be ideal for dealing with such situations. They are designed to effectively manage your human or financial resources by effectively allocating resources. They are also suitable for monitoring business trends and help develop cost strategies to minimize expenses while maximizing output. Likewise, enterprise resource planning tools can also help you retain your hardworking employees, hire new ones, and lay off those who lack determination.

Information security

While modern technology promises business owners benefits, it does come with several consequences. One of the biggest consequences of using advanced technology is the lurking threat of cybercrime. Since most businesses have shifted towards online means of storing information, this threat has become a menace. Communication channels both within and outside your business are at risk of getting breached. Similarly, your key business information stored in an online cloud could be at the mercy of a hacker.

Interestingly, the only way to counter such threats is by using technology. As a small business owner, you can always consider investing in anti-malware software. This software is designed to safeguard your business information from security breaches. Not only this, but numerous anti-malware programs can even help you back up your data in case it falls into the wrong hands. Likewise, these anti-malware programs are also capable of blocking unauthorized access to files and communication channels established within your business. Consequently, your data will remain secure without any risk of misuse.


As a small business owner, you’d like your business to flourish and expand to new heights. For this, embracing modern technology is one of the most reliable ways to succeed. Not only does it help you assess your business’s strengths and weaknesses, but it also mitigates threats while creating new business opportunities. Whether it be managing your business data, securing information, developing effective communication channels, strategies, or resources, the use of technology is the way forward. So use it!



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