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5 Camera Gears To Invest in to Get Started on Travel Photography

You have just put in a vast sum of money on a brand-new camera to fulfil your fantastic travel photography goals. But what is next? There are many camera gear like lenses, accessories, and even filters to choose from in the market. Camera accessories can be expensive, leading many beginners to think better of them. However, a set of essential camera accessories are inevitable to ensure you make the most of your newly adopted hobby.  This article fills you in on what you should buy first.

1. Lens

It is impossible to do much without a lens for your camera. Naturally, this should be your first camera gear investment.

But the lens you choose must affect the quality of your photos. When it comes to travel photography, you can get away using only one lens most of the time. But you must buy the best lens you can afford. Search for something that has an optimal focal length range and is reasonably fast. A 24 mm to 70 mm lens is recommended as it will help you capture 95% of the shots you take.

2. Memory cards

The next critical item is at least one memory card to store your photos. Again, this is worth spending a bit more money on. The file size of a RAW format can be extremely heavy. Therefore, memory cards can fill up pretty fast. Memory storage like 32 GB or 64 GB memory cards will typically last a few days, depending on what you’re shooting.

Whether you should purchase more will be contingent on your budget. Using only a single card means you will need to clear memory cards daily or every few days, which can be tedious.

3. UV filter

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UV filters may seem like unnecessary expenses. But it helps you protect your lens glass. Lenses can be expensive. Therefore, one must believe in prevention over cure. These lens accessories are affordable compared to having your lens repaired. Therefore, consider purchasing one straight away. It is recommended to fit all your lenses with a UV filter the day you take them out from the box.

4. Tripod

If you want to capture high-quality photos at the right timing, a tripod is your best accessory.

It is impossible to hold the camera steady to take sharp and crisp photos in low light conditions. The only strategy will be to boost your ISO, which will result in more noise in your final shot.

You must invest in a good tripod to help you get that perfect shot you are aiming for. It is important to remember to never use an expensive camera with a poor-quality tripod. Not only are subpar tripods vulnerable to vibrations that result in camera shake and blurred photos, but you are placing your expensive camera at risk of great damage.

5. Camera bag

Over time a majority of photographers will end up with a numerous collection of bags for different settings. For instance, a long hike will require a spacious bag, whereas, you will need something more travel friendly for day-to-day use.

It is recommended to purchase a day pack as your first camera bag. But many shutterbugs can certainly get by with only one bag to start. Therefore, look for something you can use daily. Opt for a bag that is easy to carry around. If you are travelling by plane, you must always carry your camera equipment on board instead of checking it in. It is also worth purchasing one where you can attach your tripod.




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