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How Long Does It Take to Sell a House In Australia?

According to reports by Census Bureau, people move about 11.7 times every year. Each individual has his/her own reasons to move ranging from physical surroundings to personal relationships. If a home is no longer a good fit for you, you might end up considering selling it. When selling homes, many people complains about the slow, stressful and complicated process. Before answering the question of how long it takes to sell a house in Australia, I suppose it’s a good thing to identify issues that makes the whole process complicated.

Why is selling a Home in Australia complicated?

  • Slow and uncommunicative conveyancers
  • Absent conveyancers
  • Slow and complicated mortgage applications
  • Too many checks required
  • Slow searches
  • Chain reliance
  • Too many inquiries

How long does it take to sell a House?

According to Angus Graham from Hodges Sandringham, you might have to wait for more than 30 days from the day you take photos to the day you close the sale. Immediately after the house has been sold, you might take another 30-120 days for settlement. However, land sales and sales to developers might take longer. Additionally, how long it takes to sell the house will greatly depend on the method that you will use to sell the house.

What is the fastest way to sell a House in Australia?

There are countless factors that can influence how fast you can sell your house in Australia. If the property is well priced, it might drive more people through the front door which gives you a better chance of selling faster. Other factors that sells better are the price point, the type of the property and the location.

The best method of selling a property faster in Australia is seeking help from a qualified property manager and being more realistic. You might have to consider a valuer and property lawyers in Australia before finalizing the whole process. It’s very important to get the agents involved as early as possible. You should also meet potential buyers in person on daily basis.

What’s the average time frame to sell a House?

The costs involved in selling the house fluctuate every time. The time of deciding to sell, getting ready and putting the property in the market will equally vary. The time on average it takes to sell a house in Australia will heavily depend on the work needed and the situation of the house. There are some sellers that are ready to go immediately while others will choose to take it slow. Some of the sellers take as long as 1 year or few months in preparing the house for sale. Immediately that you sign up with a real estate agent, the process will be started as soon as possible.

Does the value of the house influence the time of selling?

When selling the house, the value for money will be a huge consideration. If the house has a good value for money, most buyers will be ready to start the process very fast. To add value, clean up the garden and repaint the house for a good first impression.



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