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Everything You Need to Know About Granny Flats

Many of the people in this world prefer to live alone in a compact space. Being minimalist and simple is something that people aspire to be. Being extravagant is something that is getting outdated. People have started to prefer cosy and tiny houses, which give off a more homely vibe. What is a better example of such a house other than cheap granny flats? They are small, cosy, give the cottage at the end of the street vibes, and well, they can only accommodate one person, giving personal space to the person. There is enough space for one person to live comfortably, and this lets the person detach from their surroundings, giving them a more creative approach to their respective surroundings.

What Are Granny Flats?

Granny flats are just one-bedroom flats or houses in Australia mainly used to accommodate elders of the house for their convenience. They fall into the small house category, so you can imagine how small they are. You have to be very minimalistic to be able to live in a house like this. It mainly includes a separate structure excluded from the main house building, and it can be a converted garage or built-in in your house basement or something like that. Granny flats mostly have the necessities like a bathroom, toilet, kitchen, bedroom, small laundry, and living space. It is a smaller version of an entirely made big mansion just with one room. Although it includes one person, two people (maximum) can live comfortably in a granny house. The only thing to note is that a granny house should be built on a similar plot of land as the main house building. You can look at it in this way, like they add a slight accent to the house by building a small structure at its side. It, in a way, makes the main house building a little grander.

Granny flats can be classified as 60 – 80 sqm and 1 to 2 stories only.

Why Granny Flats?

Even cheap granny flats come with the best provisions if designed correctly. It comes with additional benefits, too. For example, a granny flat tends to give homeowners that much space at a much lower cost than buying a brand new or second home. Granny flats have long been a significant way to accommodate family members on one’s property. Granny flats, but from the other side, have increased both the capital value and the income potential of households across the country in recent years. Granny flats, therefore, provide affordable living choices, having allowed renters to move into communities at a much lower price. Although it is an obvious fact that building a granny flat requires an upfront investment, the return on investment is worth it, providing rental opportunities and significantly increasing the value of your property. While it is difficult to anticipate the exact increase in property value, it is estimated that your property value could increase by roughly 100 times its monthly rental value. And all of this aside, you cannot forget the environmental benefits that come with building a granny flat. These apartment buildings are typically smaller than single-family homes resulting in far less usage of materials; it takes less time and energy to construct, as you have to live a minimalist life, it makes sure you do not have a tremendous amount of carbon footprint on this earth after you are gone, on a spiritual level, it gives you more of leverage.

In an average human’s understanding, it is evident that granny flats cost much less and are subsequently more practical. Since they are small and you have to maintain them yourself, it is a given that you will become more independent. As it should be on the same property as the rest of your family, there is enough safety for you to learn a lot about the world if you are still just a kid who only turned 16.



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