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Ducted Air Conditioners: How Did They Become the Best?

Air conditioners keep the residents comfortable in extreme weather conditions, and Australia is always known for a few extreme temperature conditions throughout the year. Getting the right ducted air conditioning deals is beneficial, especially for homes having multiple rooms and, in many cases, workplaces in office buildings and industries. With the demand for air-conditioning systems rising and industries for heating and cooling services making up a significant 9 billion dollar market, there’s no doubt about the impact of having these appliances in the daily lives of most Aussies. Although the residents could be a little more considerate regarding their use, air conditioners, specially ducted ones, are gaining traction in the market demand.

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioners:

There are many areas in Australia where ducted air conditioning deals are highly sought after:

  • Homes and multi-room properties
  • Commercial environments like shops and public service buildings
  • Office buildings and workspaces, especially those that require constant temperatures for working.

Additionally, there are several reasons why residents opt for ducted systems for their homes. Take a look at some of them below:

Ideal for Large Buildings With Multiple Rooms: Ducted systems are best suited for buildings with large areas and several rooms compared to smaller properties. As for the ducts, they can be easily installed without much hassle and can even allow separate control systems for each room, depending upon the usage. For those opting for a more consistent cooling, ducted systems work for that too. In this way, there’s no need to seal doors to other rooms or use a split system that may cost more and take a toll on the electricity bills.

Blending With the House Interior: Ducted designs are best for those looking to blend the system with the aesthetic of the house. This is unlike those single system units that project out from the walls, distorting the house’s interior decor. It is also an ideal option for those looking to set a minimalistic aesthetic for their homes.

Enjoy the Silence During Sleep: Older air-cons in Australia roar like a V6 and are not suitable for work or sleep. Newer ones aren’t that different either and still emit a certain level of noise during operations. On the other hand, ducted systems allow the flow of cool air without any disturbances, making it the best choice for those sensitive to distractions or stress.

Cost-Effective: Granted that the installation cost is pretty high compared to all the other Aircon types, ducted systems offer more returns in the long run in terms of energy efficiency and the toll on the monthly electric bills. No other air conditioning systems offer the same level of advantages when it comes to payments as these ducted variants. Moreover, for houses with several rooms, ducted systems offer better cooling than running a few split types ACs as split ACs will need more power to pump cool air to the farthest reaches of every room. As if that wasn’t enough, ducted ACs also allow switching off the functioning for different rooms, allowing the user to use these devices according to the needs of each resident. Consequently, they are flexible to the different needs of the house, saving a lot of money and energy in the process.

A Nod to Property Value: Ducted AC systems are considered a luxury across Australia, and installing them can significantly boost the market value of the house when placed under property listings.



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