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Crucial Features You Need to Consider When Buying Commercial Freezers

The food industry requires proper storage facilities to ensure that all ingredients and perishable materials have longer shelf lives. It means that investing in a good commercial freezer is a must for every food-related business.

Each restaurant, bar, or food supply shop has different commercial fridge needs. Depending on the nature of your food establishment, you may need to get several refrigerators for various supply and storage purposes. However, there are several refrigerator standards that you must look for when shopping for a freezer for your business. Here are some of the most critical freezer features you must find when shopping for this type of equipment.

Check Freezer Size

The size of the freezer is always equivalent to storage space. So when buying a new freezer for your business, you need to assess your needs to know the size of your new business equipment.

However, you must also consider the floor plan of your establishment before buying your commercial freezer. It must not take a lot of space in your kitchen to ensure that you can still work comfortably without anything blocking your way. Other essential size considerations include the pan and shelving capacity and the energy consumption you are willing to pay for.

Number of Doors

There are different models of commercial freezers available in the market today. You may find single-door, two-door, or three-door models in stores or online shops nowadays. These units come in various sizes and storage capacities.

Freezer doors also come in various types, including the slide open or swing varieties. Others also come with an automatic closing system for energy efficiency. Again, the layout of your kitchen will help you determine which freezer door suits your business.

Condenser Placement

All freezers for commercial purposes must have a working condenser unit that you can use to keep food items in ideal temperatures. While all freezer units have this feature, the placement of the condenser varies per model.

Some freezers come with a top-mounted compressor. These are mostly safer and last longer because they are not exposed to the grease that may accumulate in the kitchen. As a result, it requires lesser maintenance. Meanwhile, you may also find freezers with a bottom-mounted compressor. It is ideal for warmer rooms since it can provide the ideal temperature for food storage.

Automatic Defrosting

Food business owners would appreciate anything that will help them and their staff reduce their workload. So finding freezers with an automatic defrost system could be the best equipment to get to lessen the time that you need to maintain your equipment. Automatic or frost-free freezers come with three common parts: timer, heating coil, and temperature sensor.

The timer will automatically turn on the heating coil every six hours or based on your preferred setting. It will melt the ice that covers the coil before it accumulates inside the freezer. Once all the ice has melted, the temperature sensor will check if the temperature reaches more than 32 degrees Fahrenheit (zero degrees Celsius) then turn off the heater.

Aside from these factors, you must also ensure that you shop for a commercial freezer from a trusted dealer. They often offer freezer units made by a reputable brand. By investing in high-quality freezers, you can get assurance that you will get the most benefits from your unit for years, which means you will get the most value from your investment.



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