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A Guide to Star Ratings on Google and How They Work 


Google star rating is an opportunity given to the general public which involves rating any website or business after interacting with them. The basis of this rating is the involvement and reviews of the customers. It is a five-star rating scale that engages people choosing from one star to five stars to express their journey with them. Moreover, this rating scale is a map for other customers in selecting any website or business that is reliable and valid.  

An analysis from Spiegel Research Center shows a rating of 4.2 to 4.5 can attract customers. Rating of the website by your happy customers after their experience can assist you in flourishing your business. More than 48% of people never pay a visit on the website twice if they have a rating less than 4. 

This article will guide you ideally in thriving your business with the help of your potential clients, as they can aid you in improving your local search rankings. Let’s get into this guidebook to elevate your grade on Google. 

Attraction for Ranking Stars and SERPs: 

Radiant yellow stars under the title of the web page boost up the points for the web to stand out from the others. They play their role as a sign for people to consider it a good resource. An increase of 20% to 30% in the click-through rate is seen by several companies, as it motivates the user to get on it. 

This confidence booster enhances the chances of selecting the web page due to a favorable star rating. It works like a referral that helps them privilege the right website from the stars expressing the experience of any person with them. Google uses an exclusive algorithm to mention the star rating for every website. It says the rating of stars influences the local ranking of any page: 

 “For local search ranking Google review count and review score factors. There are more chances of better business’ local ranking on more reviews and positive ratings.”

Google displays different types of results on the search and ranks them accordingly. Here is the list of some and how they work. 

  • Google Categorizing and Standard Blue Links: 

Websites on Google ace the ranking by the stars rating on them. These stars can stand them out in competition with other sites. Back in the day, this star ranking was not for organic search. However, Google has made it workable for this stuff also.

Ways to get Google Stars on Organic SERPs: 

  • Add Schema Markups to the websites. 
  • Siting reviews on the web page is another way. 
  • WP SEO Structured Data Schema is a versatile method for Google ratings. 
  • Star emojis in the website title can increase your chances of getting ranked. 
  • Paid Ads and Google Stars: 

The rating of Google through stars that appears on the Google Ads is known as Google Seller Rating. The customer reviews from different resources assist Google in grading all the ads. This grading is displayed on the ads by stars. These ads can be any type, likewise shopping ads, free listings, text ads, and others.  

How to get Google Stars on Ads:

For classifying the free listings on Google, vendors can do two things, and they are listed below: 

  • Use all the policies that include information, spam, legal concerns, etc. 
  • Submit the data to Google Merchant Center or have the details of it with you.
  • Schema Markup can show your content in the SERPs. 

For the rating of Google shopping ads, the seller needs to know about some requirements that are listed below: 

  1. To have an account with Google Merchant Center.
  2. In the countries that have an opportunity of Google shopping can have these products on display. There are around 104 countries that support Google shopping. Business Registration Number is another requirement. 
  3. All the products should have more than 50 reviews in total. For this, you can ask customers to do so or can do it by themselves. 
  4. Each product demands at least three reviews to show on the ads. 

After fulfilling all these requirements, all you do is update Google regarding the reviews, and they must have the negative ones. Content policies explained by Google are no spam, no hate language, and no duplicated reviews. These policies are essential and should be considered. Pictures of the customer’s product can be added to the review selection. 

  • Local Packs and Google Valuation: 

Local businesses and shops can appear on Google search through Google maps that can help you in many ways. Google can rank your shop in collaboration with other local review sites. It can elevate your overall score and marks you to be the best.

Ways to get the best ranking by Google:

Reviews by the clients on local review websites or the shop’s website can aid Google in evaluating the whole ranking process. 

To get the review, Google offers some tips that can help the shop owner. Firstly, ask your clients about your experience by providing them with the link for their ease. Moreover, acknowledge the customer’s reviews and offer them a user-friendly site for their convenience.  

Google Rating on App Store Results:

App Store and Google Store present the rating, votes, and comments by the user regarding their journey with the specific app. It helps other people in understanding the results it will provide them. By having great feedback from the users, they can have their app ranked by Google.

Why is Google Rating Helpful? 

Google rating is an integrity booster for all occupations without spending a dime. They can levitate the reputation of businesses, provide SEO ranking, equalize the playing field, and many more. It is a fact that all the customers read reviews to determine the quality of the results. Google reviews are serving the public through its services and helping them out in identifying the best of all. 

These reviews also uplift the audience of any business and increase their marketing. Google rating is serving a helping hand to a lot of people in thriving.

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Best Tips for getting listed by Google: 

These are some tips that can help you in getting rating stars from Google. These tips are the way of increasing the chances, and it takes some time to occur. 

Don’t put Reviews on Homepage:

Putting the reviews on the website homepage can be helpful for the client as it is giving them all they want without any inconvenience. However, Google doesn’t like it at all. It may work as a hurdle in getting ranked by Google.

Update your site regularly: 

If you are more likely to update your site, Google will also keep a check on these updates and work swiftly in updating the reviews by the customers. This tip is more important for the new sites as they require more attention for customer appeal. 

Follow the Google Rules: 

It is the primary tip. Following the rules given by Google can aid you the best in getting the grades by Google. 

To Wrap Up: 

If Google rates any website, it can flourish due to the audience’s attraction to it. All the elemental tips that can benefit the classification by Google are elaborated in the best manner. This article is an enlightening guide for those who are looking for instructions in this regard.




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